An uneasy feeling creeps up inside, filling your brain and body with fear, doubt, and nervousness. Well, we’ve all gone through those situations. Going for auditions and photoshoots naturally make you anxious due to the overwhelming pressure to perform better and succeed. Most fashion models might be nodding their heads right now. Well, that’s because all of this is true and the point is how to tackle such scenarios? 

In this article, we’ve shared a few tips on how models can calm their anxiety before a photoshoot and prepare themselves for their best performance. 

Acknowledge Your Thoughts 

Firstly, acknowledge how you feel. Do not talk to yourself using phrases like ‘it’s nothing, I’ll be fine’. Instead use phrases, such as ‘I’ve come for an important shoot and I’ll give my best’, or ‘It’s okay to feel this way but I know I will rock it’. When you accept what you feel, your brain calms down and you feel more at ease. So, next time before you enter the audition room, don’t forget to have a real talk with yourself. 

Take Deep Breaths 

Did you know deep breathing is the best natural way to calm your anxiety? When you consciously engage in deep breathing, it increases oxygen supply to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calmness within your body. Constantly breathing for at least five minutes will bring your heart rate to normal and you’ll find yourself more relaxed and confident. 

Take CBD for Body Relaxation

Famous celebrities and fashion models prefer taking CBD before their shoot as the compound is known to relieve stress and anxiety, and promote body relaxation. Most people prefer taking CBD oil as it produces quick and effective results. If you also wish to take CBD and are unsure about which product to use, you can simply search ‘CBD oil near me’ and you’ll get a list of recommendations. Just make sure to not consume much of it as it can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. 

Distract Your Mind 

As you find yourself prepared for the photoshoot or the audition, distract your mind to get away with the constant anxiety running in your body. For this, choose a hobby that you strongly enjoy, such as reading or listening to music and distract yourself until you’re all set to focus. Constantly thinking about the event and imagining fake scenarios will make you unnecessarily worried. You could also talk to a friend to release your overwhelming emotions. 

Engage in Positive Self Talk 

It is very easy for your brain to wander into a negative state of mind before a photoshoot. However, make sure you don’t allow your brain to get into that zone, otherwise pessimistic thoughts will add up to your consciousness, making you more anxious. Hence, think about all the positive aspects of the event ( photoshoot) and concentrate on the learning part. 

Stage-fright or performance anxiety is common for models and celebs. Considering these tips before an event will help them avoid anxiety and stay more confident throughout.