By Gabby Neal

Fashion week castings are some of the worst for models. They can be literal cattle calls where they’re expected to hop around the city at their own expense for days in the lead up to fashion week in the hopes of securing at least one show to make it all worthwhile.

But as much as it sucks, it’s common practise and you gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?

And when you’re competing against numerous girls, both international and local, new and old it’s vital that you’re looking and feeling your best so as to land the gig.

This year we were a fly on the wall at a few of the castings for MBFWA, which gave us the perfect chance to talk with the models on how they prep for the week ahead. We got the low down on exactly what they do differently and their go-to products for fresh looking skin to nail it at the casting.



-Wake up earlier

-Wash face every morning

-Use ultraceuticals

-Drink lots of water



-Scrub and scrub and scrub

-Drink SO much water

-Eat a clean diet

-Moisturise a lot



-LOTS of water

-A facial of yoghurt and green tea



-Eat super clean

MBFWA Casting Prep Amberly Colby


-Train twice as hard

-Mix it up between gym workouts and a personal trainer


-Drink lots of water

-Cleanse/exfoliate and moisturise daily

If anything, what we’ve learnt here is the value of water and important inclusion in any prep for fashion week or castings in general for healthy, fresh looking skin.