The bridal shower can be one of the most exciting events in the life of the bride. However, for everyone to have fun, the party has to be thoroughly planned. That is when it starts to get challenging. It is not that easy to find the perfect location, invite all the guests the bride wants to see, prepare the most thoughtful gift, and give everyone something interesting to do.

If you are the one planning the bridal shower, all of that may seem kind of scary. Do not worry though! We are here to help you out. To do that, we came up with the ultimate plan for organizing a fantastic party for the bride-to-be. Keep on reading if you want to know how to set up the perfect bridal shower in just a few steps!

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Set a Location

Remember that the location of the bridal shower should be a surprise. While the bride is the one who will be paying for the venue, she should not be aware of what the venue is like until the day of the bridal shower. 

Keep in mind that the more people you invite, the more space you should provide them with. On top of that, you should not forget about the parking space. Ideally, you should go for a place that is both elegant and picturesque, such as the Fairbanks Ranch.

Invite Guests

To make sure that your party is as good as possible, ask the bride to let you know who she wants to see at the party. Once you do that, make a list of guests based on what the bride has told you.

If you are not sure whether you should invite somebody, you can always ask the bride about it. While you might not want any people to get offended because they were not invited, it might be the best option if the bride is not keen on seeing them there. 

Bear in mind that the number of people that you want to invite matters. If you invite too many, the party might end up being chaotic and poorly organized. If you invite too few, it might make it look like you do not care about who the bride is friends with. Therefore, you should think about it very carefully.

Buy a Gift

Do not forget that you should give the bride a nice gift! It would be best if it was either something that you know she has wanted for a long time or something handmade that you put a lot of time and effort into making, such as a painting or a heartfelt letter.

Prepare the Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are an essential part of any party. However, when it comes to bridal showers, you should make them special. For example, you can prepare a few tasty dishes together with a few other guests. If that is not something that you are into, you can always think about ordering food that you know the bride will love. Even if it ends up being a little bit costly, it will surely be worth it once you see how happy she is with what you prepared!

Appoint the Host

There are a lot of things that will need to be done, including greeting the guests and guiding them through different parts of the party. In order to ensure that it goes smoothly, you should appoint the host! They will be responsible for doing the things mentioned above in an organized and timely manner. Considering this, you should choose wisely.

Do Something Fun

If you plan on setting up activities that everyone will want to take part in, you should think about two things. First of all, the activities need to be interesting and well-prepared. Second of all, you should provide the guests with great prizes. When it comes to prizes, they do not have to be that expensive. It can be a few boxes of chocolates and a few bottles of wine. 

Stay Organized

Once you plan everything out, you should remember to stay organized during the party. Make sure that there are enough chairs and tables, make a list of things that need to be done after the party starts, and stay calm. Provided that you do these things, the party is definitely going to be a huge success!

As you can see, organizing a perfect bridal shower is not as complicated as it might seem. However, if you want it to be great, you will need to put a lot of time and effort into it. After all, everything that we mentioned above, ranging from sending out invitations to preparing the food and drinks, will take a while. 

Nevertheless, if you do everything right, it will definitely pay off. Firstly, the bride will enjoy herself and have a great time. Secondly, she will have you to thank for putting it all together!

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