When it comes to being healthy we’re all more than aware of the basics. But if you want to take your well-being to the next level, how can everyone get better at being healthy when we’ve already done the obvious? Let’s show you some approaches.

Try Supplementation

Supplementation should only be tried if you have already dialed your diet and health in as much as possible. Supplementation is there to give you an advantage in certain ways. While there’s plenty of supplementation providers out there such as Science Bio that provide cutting edge supplements such as Bromantane, it is always important to remember that you’ve got to go in with the right health goals.

If you feel like you need to gain a certain edge with regards to something like your VO2 max so you can run faster, one of the best supplements is beetroot powder, which is high in nitrates, or you could go simpler and supplement with caffeine, which can improve your VO2 max levels by up to 12%. Supplementation is there to augment what you already have, so make sure you are as fit and healthy as possible.

Be Specific with Your Goals

When it comes to setting goals, the SMART acronym is the best way to ensure that you are able to progress in the right ways. If you are doing everything you can with your diet, you might want to start focusing on another aspect of your health that can give you an advantage.

It could be something like the aforementioned VO2 max or you may want to learn how to reduce stress, especially if your diet is perfect but you still feel overwhelmed in aspects of your life. When you set specific goals, you will have a far greater sense of purpose and direction.

Engaging in Functional Fitness

This is a very popular trend, and it’s easy to see why. If you already hit the gym and you are getting stronger and fitter, you may want to take this to the next level and look at how these translate in the long run. You may be better off looking at improving your balance or flexibility rather than your strength. While it’s something we don’t think about in our 20s or 30s, as we get older we’ve got to think about the best ways to get better at those moves that we take for granted. Functional exercises such as the Turkish get-up will translate into making daily activities easier as you age.

Diversifying Your Fitness Routine

We talked about how you can become more functional in your fitness as you get older, but you may want to look at a well-rounded routine that can give you benefits now and in the long run. Because having a healthier lifestyle is not just about supplementation or ensuring you can lift a certain amount of weight but actually covers different physiological adaptations, for example, speed, hypertrophy, anaerobic capacity, and power it’s worth having an approach to improving every aspect of your health and fitness.

There is an amazing podcast which we shall link to below that can help you in this respect but if you are already of the belief that you are as refined in your health as possible there is always something else you can do.