By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

It is great when a model is first told the news he/she has “the look”. What are the next steps? A model needs to make a very important decision to work with an agency or handle the marketing efforts on their own. In either circumstance though, there is a correct way to find out how to work with an agency and more importantly, how to find the right one to work with.

The very first step is to determine what kind of modelling you want to do, as that definitely relates on what agency you should work with. When you figure this out the next step is to do some research online and find out what agencies are in your local area. Be careful as there are several modelling agency scams out there, so do your homework. Also, if you are readily handed a contract, make sure you contact an attorney and have them review the paperwork prior to signing anything. There are also inexpensive/free legal services that you can utilize if you do not have the funds for an attorney as well.

Once you discover a potential agency, it is time to make an appointment or even show up in person. An important factor with this is that you should have your professional photography portfolio ready to go. This needs to be in your hands for the appointment hands down. Also, an in-person visit will really give you the feel for the agency as to its legitimacy, projects they have worked on and to make sure if it the agency is truly a fit for you. After all, in this hectic industry you are going to want to like the agent you will be working for.

One last note, when you are doing your online research, take note of the types of models they are working with. This will give you an idea to see if your personal look is a good fit for the agency, as well as if you may be a potential model that fits into what they are looking for for future projects.

If a modelling agency has open calls, be sure to attend and ALWAYS bring your photos. The in-person appearance is always more beneficial to an aspiring model, as there are several instances where models have been rejected based on their photos, but have been hired when they have done an interview or shown up to a casting call. Most importantly, if the agency doesn’t host open house casting calls, do not by any means simply just show up. Modelling agencies are busy and certainly do not appreciate when potential models show up to interrupt the agencies work day.

In general, modelling agencies will not contact you unless they are interested. It is OK to follow up (and this warrants a phone conversation to confirm they allow follow up), however if they do not, do not consistently call them. Finally yet importantly, if you are doing follow up calls, call during business hours. Calls during non-business hours typically do not get returned.