Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful moments of the entire year, especially if you have a four-day weekend booked. While it’s inevitable that you will enjoy activities with loved ones, it’s important to think about your mindset too. Otherwise, it can introduce a lot of stress into your life. With the festive season around the corner too, this is the last thing you need.

Even the thought of trying to enjoy a relaxed Thanksgiving without losing the fun aspects can feel quite daunting. However, the six simple tips below should point you in the right direction.

#1. Don’t Cook

Sharing Thanksgiving lunch with your loved ones is arguably the greatest meal of the entire year. It is certainly not a tradition that you will want to give up. However, trying to cook a turkey meal with all the trimmings is notoriously difficult if you only have one stove.

Likewise, it is very time-consuming. Hiring a catering team will help you bypass this issue. Check out to learn more. It removes the most stressful part of Thanksgiving while keeping the joyous moments on the table.

If you feel compelled to cook something for the occasion, breakfast or dessert are the best options.

#2. Review Your Guest List

Human interactions hold the key to our happiness, and you will certainly appreciate this at Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, you should not ignore the fact that being surrounded by the wrong people will have a hugely damaging impact.

The harsh reality is that most families are burdened by division. If this means only inviting one side of the family this year and alternating next year, that’s fine. Meanwhile, if someone in the family will try to control things or will have a negative impact on things, don’t invite them. It’s OK to put yourself first.

Besides, less time spent with the wrong people means you can spend more time with the right ones. Perfect.


#3. Look For Local Attractions

Thanksgiving is a brilliant four-day spell. However, your family isn’t the only one hoping to take advantage. It is a special moment for millions, which naturally means that there will be a lot of people on the roads.

If you wish to avoid the threat of spending half of your Thanksgiving on the road, it’s best to choose local attractions. Of course, if you live in NYC, you can enjoy the 97th annual parade. However, towns and cities coast to coast will host events. They provide hours of fun and the additional benefits of a local community vibe.

Frankly, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting in traffic jams. As such, this move should be deemed vital.

#4. Shop Online

It’s hard to think about Thanksgiving without considering Black Friday. The opportunity to grab some bargains in time for the festive season is one that you won’t want to pass up. Still, lining up for hours to get into a battle for products isn’t much fun.

Therefore, one of the best ways to reduce stress levels at this time is to conduct your Black Friday shopping online. You can get a head start by looking at Just be careful not to fall for deals that are no cheaper than they were a few weeks earlier.

Online purchases will be less stressful and can be completed quickly. So, you will have more time to enjoy the fun activities.

#5. Plan Your Look

Whether staying in with the family or attending an event doesn’t matter. Looking good will make you feel good over this important weekend. With this in mind, it makes sense to plan your look in advance.

This guide to outfits for fall will provide valuable inspiration. Whether you buy new items or use clothes already in your wardrobe, color coordination will be key. A new hairstyle or manicure ahead of the festivities can be ideal too. Likewise, checking your makeup and accessories should be on the agenda.

While you could probably throw something good together at the last minute, it’s always best to feel prepared.

#6. Use Sunday To Relax

It’s great that you want to squeeze several activities and special moments into this time. If you return to work on the 27th, though, it’s important to schedule some time to relax. This will recharge your batteries ahead of a busy pre-festive period schedule.

Whether it’s taking a day to relax with a movie or pamper yourself with beauty therapy is up to you. Either way, giving yourself a high five after a busy few weeks including both Halloween and Thanksgiving is essential. Failure to do this will put you in a far worse position heading into the festive schedule.

When combined with the steps above, it’ll ensure that you have the best Thanksgiving without encountering stress.