Life has a magical way of throwing us some of the biggest curve balls – and we never see them coming. And at the start of the realization things are changing, there is usually an adverse reaction. But the transition is a part of life, and sometimes we need to find ways to remain balanced when they do happen.

But coping with change is rarely easy for most people. So what can you do to manage your reaction and accept what is happening?

The first thing to know is that positive changes and negative changes impact our brains in the same way. Big planned things like marriage are registered in the brain as something difficult. The emotions that go along with the changes will change, though. 


While you couldn’t make a plan for the change that happened, most of the time, you can make a plan after. You can reduce the amount of uncertainty you have in the situation by changing what you do and say.

For example, you create further uncertainty by saying, ‘I’ll just see how it goes’. But you can make more intentional plans and reduce the uncertainty.

For example, if you have found yourself with an unplanned pregnancy, you could reach out to certain organizations like Embrace Grace for help navigating. Or, if you are going through the loss of a loved one, you can seek counseling. Make a plan and action the plan to reduce the emotional upset.


As humans, we have a tendency to focus on something completely until it begins to consume our every waking thought. And while it is important to process what is happening, there is a point where it becomes counterproductive.

It is more beneficial for you to plan (yes, really) time to not think. At least 15 minutes of brain breaks are essential for some time to process. When we are doing other things, our brains are still performing many different functions and will carefully work through things while we are on an active thinking break.

Doodling, writing, coloring, going for a walk, and anything that ‘takes your mind off it’ is essential.


Accepting change is one of the most difficult things for many people to do because we don’t want to be ‘ok’ with loss or ‘ok’ with being fired. But accepting what has happened as a reality and seeing how your life looks after that is tricky.

It can often help to say it out loud or talk about it with a professional. And avoid thinking about acceptance as giving in because it is not the same. Instead, acceptance is a way for you to emotionally and mentally make peace with the new situation.


Although the world moves fast, and the situation may have arisen quickly – you don’t have to deal with it at high speed. You can pace yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally if that is what you need to do. Don’t feel or react to pressure to finish your journey if you aren’t ready to. Instead, take the time that you need.

During times of change and unrest, it is important to take care of yourself mentally; here are some tips: Tips to Boost Mental Health: When we think about our health, the first.