By Calynn M. Lawrence

Every girl would love a job where she gets paid to be beautiful. Is that not what a model does? Think again. The modeling industry is something fit for few because of its stark competition. However, there are those chosen ones who are ready for battle and can stand resolute in their modeling pursuits! This article will give you some killer tips for launching a lucrative career.


Step number one to a successful career is to know your industry! You want to be fully aware of all the different lines of modeling, for example, commercial, runway, editorial etc. Once you choose your target, you need to further research what is involved in the job as well as how you can optimize your marketability. To illustrate, someone who is good at acting and the art of persuasion would likely fair better if they pursued a career in commercial modeling, being in on screen advertisements. Someone who is better at dance or interpretative movement would likely be better at runway modeling. An extremely photogenic woman would likely be best at editorial modeling. It is possible to cross over into different fields of modeling throughout your career. However, it is always your best bet to have a good track record with one particular avenue to begin with. If you are a Jack of All Trades, you can master nothing.the fashion industry


Your second tip is to start as young as possible! This is because you will build a long portfolio and strong experience. Most super models started in the industry under the age of 13. When starting as a child, you “grow up” in the industry. This is attractive to most designers because they are assured that you know what you are doing and will represent their line or product to the highest standard. However, this is something you certainly need to discuss with your parents if you are a minor. Modeling is a “come and go” career, so likely a lot of travel and some expenses will be involved. Also, parents must consent to minors contracting with different agencies, designers and photographers.
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In these times, the Internet is the largest source of information. Because of this, you want to be sure that you take advantage of social media. Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools because almost every one has it. You, as a model, want to be sure that you are using social media to its fullest potential and exhausting all resources! You want to create an account on every relevant social network that you can and stay active on those accounts. Active would preferably mean a daily update, however you want to visit once a week on a minimum. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube are all avenues for self-promotion. Beware of what you post because you want your pages to be profession with a touch of personal, not vice-versa. Sharing information about personal feuds, relationship statuses and or overly emotional situations may hurt your career.

model instagram account
model instagram accounts

Although it may seem like modeling is simply posing and smiling, there is a lot of business involved. When considering a modeling career, you have many decisions that you have to choose. Are you going to represent yourself or will you hire an agent? If so, what qualifications do you expect in an agent I.e education, experience, price? Are you prepared to manage your own finances or will you hire an accountant? Are you good at budgeting, saving money, investing and forecasting? How many hours are you willing to work, and if exceeded will you demand over time? Will you be an hourly model or a fixed price model? Will you use modeling as a stepping stone to other business ventures such as starting your own fashion line, modeling school or even a TV program?

All of these are questions that you will face when planning your career. It is definitely something to think on. Therefore, to make the best decision, you want to be well informed. It is highly advised that you educate yourself on basic business savvy by taking a couple of classes and reading up. This is not to say you need a university degree. However, it would be smart to look into some local community college courses that can give you the same information for a fraction of the price. This may seem unnecessary but it will certainly benefit you in the future!

There you have it! These are all of the things you need to know to become a successful model! Applying these tips to your career will help you go as far as you can. Try them out and we’ll see you breaking borders.