By Michele Smith
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Although there are hundreds of fashion magazine publications, becoming a magazine model is not as easy as one would think. From fashion to runway to beauty, some of the top models in the business have had the privilege of working with the coveted fashion publication and very few models get to work at this level. If you are tired of looking for college essay papers for sale, then the magazine model profession is right for you.  What really goes on behind the scenes when it comes to modeling and getting in the door with a major fashion publication? There are a couple of steps an aspiring model can take to help them get noticed and get modeling work.

First and foremost, start out but putting together a LookBook. A LookBook is an essential model must-have and is a collection of photos highlighting a model’s work.  While these can be quite costly to put together, the book will showcase a model’s moods, various positions and fashions; which will give a magazine editor an idea of the model’s unique style. This will also assist them in deciding whether they want to utilize the model for the particular publication. The LookBook also needs to include close-up shots, photos with and without makeup.

An affordable way to start collecting photos (especially when you are just starting out), is to take on as many assignments on trade as possible. Many photographers who are starting out are the same boat as models, as they are also looking to build their portfolio. A magazine model can never have too many shots in their book, so this is the most affordable way to build/update a current collection. While this should go without saying, make sure the photos are from a professional photographer, not selfies from your iPhone.

When your LookBook is complete, it is now time to start shopping your photos to the local and National fashion magazines. Exposure here is key, because the more jobs that you have, the more success you will have establishing yourself as a magazine model. The next step is to start building a list of booking editors. A great way to do this is pick up the magazines you are interested in and looking up editor contact information on the masthead. While many do not list the booking editor, the masthead will list the publications contact information which a great first start. Once you have the correct contact information, start sending in photos for the editor’s consideration.

Last, but not least a website is another model marketing necessity. Your website should brand you and contain your complete online portfolio, which needs to include all of your photos. Update your photo section as often as you have new work. Please keep in mind that editors do not want to have their inbox bombarded with large megabyte photo files, so it is great to send a couple as a teaser and direct them to your full portfolio online. The website also needs to have your contact information and booking information. The combination of both of these methods (online presence and sending out photos), typically results in the most amount of work.