By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

This is a question that many, many people ponder. How much do models really work out? Obviously, they are in great shape and exercise in combination with a healthy diet, but the question remains how often do they really in actuality.

Before you are staring at tanned and toned 6 packs to motivate you for your 1 ½ hour workout, here is the really skinny behind the situation and what models do to keep their bodies in fighting form. The following is also what models do to break a sweat, last minute tips before a runway show and what they do while they are out on the road.

Across the board, most models work out four to 5 times per week and the workouts vary across the spectrum. Many models focus on what gets the best results for their body, while also focusing on a heathy overall lifestyle and diet. Many models like group classes and follow some of the trendy waves, such as Soul Cycle or SLT. Others enjoy new workouts such as pole dancing or Barry’s Bootcamp.

A majority of models have personal trainers and they are key especially when they are out on the road. No, the trainers to not accompany them to jobs, but help them keep their workouts on the go, by sending workout videos and exercises that are specific to small spaces such as hotel rooms or even not well-equipped gyms.. Even if a model is too jet-lagged to complete the entire workout, they do put in the effort to try and give themselves credit for doing so.

Right before a show, models are even more conscious of what they eat and make sure they do not eat foods that are high in sodium to avoid water retention and skip vegetables that will possibly cause any belly bloating. Models typically pair the right workout for the appearance they are going for. For example, some models focus on their core and glutes, so they make sure that other parts of their body, like their thighs, will not be overworked and appear bigger from the result of muscle soreness. Many models current show prep time workouts include TRX movements and walking lunges.

Most of the model daily workouts heavily involve cardio and other favorites are Pilates or Kickboxing. When it comes to closer to runway time, many models focus more on toning and even increase their workout frequency per week. Working up a sweat a night before a show not only gives a model more energy the day of their runway walk, but also helps with a good night’s sleep. Other models pack small equipment with them to help motivate them on the road such a sliders and a jump rope – both exercise items are great for small spaces. Going for a long run outside is also a great cardio activity to do on the road. The basic elements of a model workouts that anyone can do are switching up cardio routines, toning and of course eating a healthy diet.