Runway anxiety is an integral part of life for fashion models. You cannot eliminate it, no matter how hard you try. The constant pressure to look good, endless task lists, travel shoots, and a poor work-life balance make a perfect recipe for disaster. The worst part is that the fear of your “expiration date” in the industry looms large. A single slip on the ramp can ruin your career, so there is no margin for error. But you can address these fears and challenges by embracing self-care. Let us explain some therapist-recommended tips for fashion models to overcome anxiety and live stress-free.

Prioritize physical health

Your physical health determines your mental well-being, so go the extra mile to keep it on track. Fashion models often eat well and exercise, but weight loss may become an obsession. Conversely, stress can lead to binge eating, which sets the stage for an unhealthy cycle. Avoid letting the cycle set in, and pay attention to your diet. Also, exercise as much as your body permits, and do not be too hard on yourself.

Master your work-life balance

Work-life balance is absent in the fashion industry, as endless photo shoots, shows, and assignments keep you packed. You may find yourself traveling several days every month for outstation and overseas projects. But a conscious effort to restore your work-life balance is the key to keeping anxiety at bay. Avoid saying yes to every assignment, and fit alone time and family time into your schedule. Also, take frequent breaks to unwind and refresh.

Embrace a natural stress remedy

Since stress is a given in the industry, you must learn to live with it. Avoid popping anxiety pills because they may have dire side effects. Embrace a natural stress remedy such as yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. You can try cannabis because it is safe, effective, and legal in many states. A vaping session at the end of the day can help you unwind and sleep well. You can check the Mind Vapes’s sale page for handy tools like Yo Can and Yocan dan pens. Also, choose a strain and dose that works for you, and avoid overdoing things.

Know your self-worth

The runway anxiety worsens if you lose your self-worth, but countless fashion professionals struggle with the situation. Being kind to yourself and knowing your self-worth can keep your mental health intact. Talk to a loved one or a like-minded person facing similar issues to vent your emotions. Consider seeing a therapist or joining a support group if nothing else seems to help.

Get a digital detox

Being in the limelight on the ramp is stressful enough, but social media can worsen your anxiety. You may encounter haters and bullies trying to push you down and shatter your confidence. Getting a digital detox gives you breaks from social media anxiety and opens a fresh perspective. You can even hire someone to handle your pages instead of dealing with negative comments and messages.

Fashion models live on the edge, but a little self-love is enough to regain control. Follow these easy steps to stay ahead of runway anxiety and enjoy the best your profession offers.