It’s a common myth that models lead a perfect lifestyle. While they have to take care of their skin and body to excel at their profession, there are many other aspects of health that they sometimes ignore. One of them is their eye health. 

With the regular makeup they do and photoshoots they’ve to participate in, it’s normal to get dry eye symptoms and other eye problems. If ignored in the long run, these problems can get worse with time. Thus, it’s crucial that models indulge in regular eye care. This article discusses common eye problems models face and relevant treatment options. 

Common Eye-health Issues Models Face

  • Makeup: Most often, models have to wear a lot of makeup (including eye makeup) due to continuous ramp walks and shoots. Some of the ingredients used in eye makeup can be irritating to the skin or aggravate an allergic reaction in the eyes. In fact, certain ingredients have been strictly prohibited for cosmetic purposes in the U.S. For instance, ingredients like preservatives, stabilizers, and color additives aren’t allowed to be used. 
  • Photoshoots: A model’s life is nothing without a camera. Thus, they are exposed to a lot of bright light and camera flashes all the time. While flash photography doesn’t harm many people, too much exposure to high-intensity light can cause temporary blind spots. 

How to Protect Eyes? 

This is especially beneficial for people who have vision problems but don’t want to wear glasses. Besides, these options are less risky, affordable, and more convenient. 

Take Precautions

When it comes to makeup, models can take the following necessary precautions to protect their eyes: 

  1. Remove makeup before going to bed. This is because when you sleep with your eye makeup, it can clog the oil-producing glands, which causes infection. Hence, use a gel-based remover, which is paraben free to clean your makeup. 
  2. Get rid of the old makeup. Keeping your makeup products for too long can increase the risk of contamination from the growth of bacteria. This can result in a serious eye infection. 
  3. Make sure to regularly clean your makeup instruments, like an eyelash curler or makeup brush, with soap and water. 
  4. Never share your makeup with anyone. You might end up sharing your makeup with someone who already has contaminated products, and they might mix their products with yours. This is quite a common way to spread infection. 
  5. Avoid applying makeup inside the eye. You might be one of those makeup enthusiasts who like experimenting with eye makeup. But, you should avoid coloring inside your eye as it blocks the oil glands that protect the cornea. 

While the life of a model may seem very classy and glamorous, they have their own challenges which the world rarely sees. One of them is eye care. Thus, if you’ve just entered in this business, make sure to consider the above-mentioned tips and incorporate them into your lifestyle.