As you look for home care options for your aging loved ones with Alzheimer’s, let us give some details to understand a few things about this disease. It is one type of dementia. Dementia is the general word used to describe the symptoms of deterioration in mental health that accompany Alzheimer’s conditions and other brain diseases. It is, however, the most common and popular form of dementia. With this, helping people with dementia involves providing compassionate care, tailored support, and engaging activities to improve their quality of life and promote cognitive well-being

Here are the top five considerations when looking for the right Hospital to Home Care agency. 


Alzheimer’s affects how an individual functions mentally, which can develop risks and injuries to the person. Thus, when creating a plan for your in-home care plan, you need to design your home to avoid sudden falls, accidental use of anything harmful, and harsh temperatures. An equipped in-home care provider will work with you to do a comprehensive review of the living space of your loved one, bathrooms, bedroom, and so on to help make sure a safe and secure working environment for their health and well-being. 

Services my loved one needs

With in-home care services, there are a variety of options of services including:

  • light housekeeping (laundry, vacuuming)
  •  meal planning and preparation (doing dishes)
  • personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting)
  • companionship
  • social engagement (family gatherings, social activities, board games, music)
  • medication reminders
  • and transposition. (doctor visits, run errands, grocery shopping)

We delicately design a customizable ib-home care plan that will result in a solid set of quality care services for your loved one. With our professional and experienced caregivers, they can go beyond the needs of your loved one in engaging, effective, efficient, and individualized care. 

It’s paramount to find a place that caters to every possible need your parent or grandparent could have, as well as the peace of mind that comes when you know they are getting the care they need and deserve. People from all over Maricopa County want to ensure high-caliber assisted living in Chandler for their elderly where they can rest assured that their loved ones are safe, secure, and receiving optimal care. This way, the patient will get the proper care and attention that they need in a safe and comfortable environment.

Senior Buddies: Your Alzheimer’s Team

Hiring the right and best in-home care company is crucial for the quality of life of your aging loved one. The best approaches for Alzheimer’s care suggest a continuous, team-based practice that is patient-centered and personalized for consistent changes in the life of your loved one

So, your in-home care company and their assigned caregiver are required to match well into the overall team. Yourself, family members, other relatives, the physician of your loved one, the Alzheimer’s doctor, other physicians, and social workers, if there are any. 

For instance, caregivers at Senior Buddies coordinate with the doctors of our patients. So we know the exact needs of our patients. In addition, we understand the number of doses of medicine they need to take every day. It is essential to know the basics and correct approaches to create synergy and have the best outcomes. Moreover, the family members must be knowledgeable as well with the cycle of 24-hour caregiving. With the appropriate coordination, the life of your loved one with Alzheimer’s can be more productive and healthier

When assessing an in-home care company for your aging loved one, consult your doctor and ask your family and friends about their experience. Also, you can contact the local association linked to Alzheimer’s for recommendations and referrals. Moreover, you can directly contact a local in-home care provider. A high-quality and experienced in-home care company will never be shy from its excellent services and care. 

Your budget

In-home care companies charge you by the hour, per visit, or 24-hour care and services. As an obvious planning assumption, we suggest families plan their budget with $25/hour for an hourly in-home care service and $17/hour for a live-in with a high-quality and expert company. Insurance companies may cover some charges, but they do not always include non-medical services. Long-term care insurance would be a possible option for some families. Once you plan the budget in your mind, a professional in-home care company can work with you to create a safe and sound schedule that maximizes the coverage and supports a set of activities while balancing the day-to-day considerations. 

Stamina – A combination of sprint and a marathon

Making decisions for the care and wellness of your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s is like competing for a sprint, race, and a marathon in a parallel motion. Given the declining and progressive nature of this condition, you have to solve the sprinted decision-making correctly while staying calm and preserving your energy. Having the idea that there are many challenges in the coming months and years makes it more difficult. As a responsible member of the family, you must take care of yourself and have some breaks while keeping the stamina and financial resources to provide care for your aging loved one across the complicated arrangement of doctors, schedules, tasks that you need to manage. 

Working with professionals like us at Senior Buddies that have sailed different combinations and options of care needs, budgets, elaborate stages of the disease, and other comorbid conditions help you access skills and life-long experience to make the right decision. 

Across the Dallas area, Senior Buddies gives high-quality and excellent in-home care services for seniors and people living with Alzheimer’s. Call us today to learn more.