By Brandis Ohlsson

Plastic surgery- two of the most popular key words found on the tabloid stands today. Whose had it, who needs it, whose denying it, and the always fun, “have they or haven’t they?”

First things first- they probably have. Even if they’re denying it. Halle Berry told US Magazine in February that in Hollywood, plastic surgery is pushed “like crack.” In the same article Berry denies ever going under the knife herself, which you’ll find is a pretty common response to the plastic surgery topic when it comes to celebrities. You see when you’re in the public eye, it’s important to stay favorable. If the public starts to dislike you or you become unrelatable, you’ll stop getting jobs because the people paying to make the movies are afraid no one will go to see the movie if you’re in it etc. etc. downward spiral ensues.

So why do we care anyway? Obviously people are buying these magazines or the plastic surgery debate wouldn’t be the center of conversation on so many covers every month. If you want my opinion, it’s the snowball effect. Celebrities feel the pressure to look a certain way, so they get plastic surgery. Then we, and by we I mean the non-celebs in the world, see these perfect looking beings and rather than striving to the perfection ourselves, prefer to point and gossip that they’ve gotten plastic surgery. Because to be judgmental is way easier than working out and eating healthier.

Let’s not forget the few brave ones, the few people in the spotlight who stick with life just being themselves. Maybe it’s the socialite who puts on a few pounds and doesn’t opt for lipo, lift and tuck, or the rockstar who loses his hair and doesn’t get plugs; these people don’t escape the persecution either, they just have different headlines.

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