Your holiday budget needs to be more elastic. On the contrary, has it been revised downwards since last year? Your mission, if you accept it: avoid silly and pointless spending so that you can really enjoy yourself while avoiding budget insolation! Follow the guide.

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If you drive slowly, you save money!

On the way to your holiday destination, put the brakes on your impatience to reach your goal. Don’t just stick to the speed limit; drive 10 km/h slower. By reducing your speed, you’ll increase your holiday “extras” budget. Here’s an example: On a journey from Rennes to Marseille, for example, you could save 15 euros!

  • Here’s the trick: by driving smoothly and calmly, without jerking, you save 3 litres every 100km…

Buy beach toys before you leave

Beach toys mean fun holidays for children and relaxation for parents. The problem is that shops in tourist areas are well aware of this and take advantage of the situation to raise prices.

  • Here’s a tip: Remember to buy your beach toys beforehand in a supermarket or sports shop. While you’re at it, choose inflatable toys that can be deflated for the journey.

You need more space: get your bulky items delivered!

Do you have to choose between your husband and the kids’ surfboards when you go on holiday? Take your husband and have the surfboards delivered! Rental will cost you 100 euros a week, while delivery from Paris to Biarritz on D+2 will cost you 39 euros. It takes little time to work out the figures…

Pack a picnic …

To get your holiday off to a good start, don’t pull out your credit card for a €37 family meal at a charming motorway service station. Instead, save your budget to treat yourself to a nice little restaurant during your stay, and plan your meal before you leave to eat on the road.

  • Tip of the day: rather than throwing away your leftovers, use them for a “pie for everything” or in sandwiches! Also, pack cakes and drinks to avoid paying twice as much for them on the motorway.

… and the first meal

Traffic jams, a mechanical problem… And you arrive late, tired, with no desire to cook before going to bed. Result: you head for the local restaurant or fast-food outlet, and there you go again, spending money you don’t need.

  • Tip: Before you leave, pack something to eat or nibble for the evening when you arrive at the empty rental.

Take board games with you to keep your children occupied on holiday

If you’re unlucky enough not to have the weather with you for a day or more, pack a few board games to share with the family to avoid spending too much money at the cinema or swimming pool.

  • Special mention should be made of the family edition of Time’s Up, a game that involves getting your partners to guess as many terms as possible (objects, jobs, animals) by talking, then with a single word, then with gestures.

Avoid overpriced car parks

It’s often very difficult to park near beaches, and car parks are quick to inflate their prices. To avoid paying the total cost, avoid taking the car in favour of your legs, a bike ride or public transport. Don’t hesitate to ask at the Tourist Office when you arrive: some beach shuttles are free!

  • Tip: Take a breather on the beach in the late afternoon. Some car parks become free from 5 pm, the ideal time to enjoy the sun without overdoing the UV!

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