By Michele Smith
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While most models think that Thanksgiving is a diet holiday, there are many with the mindset that think otherwise. Here is my personal opinion; you can eat up a storm on Thanksgiving, but just be smart about it and not do the average Thanksgiving day high caloric diet. Here are a couple of healthy tips that anyone can do to enjoy the holiday and squeeze in some exercise at the same time so you can enjoy. The scoop is as follows.

Step One:

There are some basic rules that anyone can follow to happily stay healthy for the holidays. My preference is an early morning workout. While I work out every morning, this is definitely key for this holiday (less guilt afterward if I want to indulge). This is easy and a great escape from the relatives if you need to avoid them and are staying out of town.

All you need to do is throw on your shoes and go for a walk. As long as you have a safe place to walk and iPhone headphones, you are dialed in. In addition, if you walk with a Fitbit that is a great way to check in to track your holiday activity (meaning steps taken).  The point is to work out. I try to go on a walk before and after the big meal at the very least. If I am at home, I do my normal am workout routine which usually consists of weight training and a cardio workout on the elliptical.

Step Two:

All you need to do is eat healthy and in moderation. Experts say that the average Thanksgiving meal is around 4500 calories (this is including a full meal and snacks). I keep it simple. I personally skip the stuffing, eat the turkey, avoid any high calorie dressing and indulge in my favorite dish which is the green bean casserole-  an American favorite is not also the worst thing to eat on the planet depending on which family member is making it and how much cheese they add to it. I personally avoid the pumpkin and pecan pie, which is bad calorie wise, but I am not really a dessert person in general.

The other option is just enjoying everything in moderation and not hitting up the appetizers too much. I honestly would rather fill up on the big meal, versus eating appetizers. If you want to play it smart though, always gravitate towards the vegetable option and avoid anything with high calorie dips. Cheese is my weakness so if there is a Gouda out; I am a goner but again, everything in moderation.

Step Three:

This means staying active. I like to hang out with my family and play with the kiddos. According to my Fitbit, you actually do many steps when chasing around the cousins playing a post-dinner game of hide and go seek. I always carry my athletic shoes with me, so it is quite easy to head out for a walk after dinner. Not only is this a great way to end a fun holiday, it is a great way to hang out with other family members while getting some exercise in.