Healthy lifestyle changes are possible to make. Everyone can make a change when they feel one is needed. All you have to do is take small steps and make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Sound easy? Of course it does; it’s always easier said than done!

Indeed, a lot of people struggle with maintaining these changes beyond a couple weeks, and can end up dropping the very habits that are supposed to make them feel better. And if you’ve fallen into this trap before, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Check out the examples below to see what we mean by taking small steps towards success.

Try Something Different for Breakfast

What kind of breakfast do you eat? Something high in carbs that makes you feel a bit slow? If so, try swapping out this option for yogurt and fruit, or avocado and egg on toast. The higher the protein the better!

And if you don’t eat breakfast, now’s the time to start. A little something in the morning, like one slice of toast with just a bit of butter, can go a long way to setting you up right for the day. Give your body something to work with and it’ll really give back to you.

Block Some Apps

If you find yourself on your phone a lot, it’s usually because you’ve got into the habit of finding all your fun in the apps you’ve got downloaded. Now you don’t have to delete them, but blocking them in your phone settings for at least a couple hours each day might just do the trick here.

It’s a simple thing you can do in the space of a couple minutes but the rewards you reap from it can be endless. You might just find you’ve got more productive time during the day, and that you’re looking up from a screen and taking in what’s around you a lot more often.

Book a Checkup

Book yourself in to see a dentist somewhere like Sage Dental and get your oral health investigated. Then see your local doctor for a physical, or ask about any symptoms you’ve been experiencing lately that you’re not sure about. Checkups can be expensive if you don’t have adequate health insurance. But if you do, make sure you’re seeing your doctor and your dentist at least once a year. Getting support from the health professionals who have seen it all is the best thing for you right now!

Get in the Garden

If you can’t get out and about as much as you’d like to, go and stand in the garden for 5 minutes. Make sure you’ve put your suncream on first, but then soak up some sun rays while just enjoying the breeze out there. That’s really all you have to do! The more time you spend outside, the better you’re going to feel about everything in life.

If you feel stuck, lifestyle changes stick when you make small steps towards them.