By Michele Smith
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What exactly do models eat? What do models recommend for eating healthy in the New Year? We asked several of models in the fashion industry what their tips were and we are sharing a complete overview. While it is apparent to the naked eye that some models do not really eat that much, there are a bunch of healthy tips that models and non-models alike can utilize to have a very healthy 2017 without giving up on all of your favorite foods.

An easy tip that anyone on the planet can enjoy, is to always eat in moderation. First, this will keep you not feeling hungry all day with little meals. This is obviously more healthy for anyone than not eating all day to settle down and have one gigantic meal to make up for missing out on the other two. Also, keep the carbs at bay. Limiting carbohydrates is a great way to stay slim. When possible and while out shopping, always select organic and stick to a high-protein diet with lots of fresh vegetables.

Now that the holidays are over (and for health reasons anyone should embrace this habit anyway) is to limit your sugar. Yes, the season of joy is abundant with sweets for most and now is great time to cut back.  This also just doesn’t mean cut out the holiday treats. Unfortunately, our food is laced with a lot of unknown sugar and anyone should be aware when cutting back. Soy milk is a perfect example of a food that is sometimes loaded with sugar. Either make sure when shopping you purchase a sugar-free brand or select something with less sugar (sweetened with rice syrup or fruit juice for example). The point here is that hidden sugar really isn’t anyone’s friend, so always be sure to read the labels.

On the other hand, it is important not to deprive yourself if you are craving something sweet. Many people who go into deprivation mode typically end up over indulging. The key here is to make smart choices. For example, a little bit of high end chocolate is 10x better for you than consuming a loaf of bread. Poor food alternatives will always make your body hungry for more. Also, a small bowl of rich ice cream (or yummy gelato) will instantly satisfy a sugar craving, verses a low-fat ice cream wonder complete with chemicals which will not only not satisfy your craving, but you most likely will end up with a stomach ache as well.

Finally yet importantly, every diet book in the world will tell you to avoid alcohol. Truth be told, one adult beverage (even a simple glass of wine) is not a problem. Indulging in one too many adult drinks that are laced with sugar on the other hand is a “no-no” for high calories, but also a great way to for anyone to have to deal with a nasty headache. The key here to all of the above is to make smart choices with every food selection in moderation.