Why I’m Never Leaving Home Without My Pryma Headphones

I was heading back to Sydney from the AMFAM Surf Ball in New York. Somehow, I had managed to get myself up and out of bed and to the airport in one piece, despite the hangover I was nursing. Not really knowing how I got there, or how I had even succeeded in getting dress this morning, I felt like shit. Despite the dark sunglasses covering up my blood shot, droopy eyes, and my tangled mess of a bun, I looked semi put together, which I mostly chalked up to my Pryma headphones slung around my neck. They were a fashion accessory all their own. Who knew headphones could look so good? Sleek, customizable, these headphones just screamed me. They were the perfect smattering of world-class sound quality with high-end style. I sipped on the largest, darkest, meanest cup of coffee I could get my hands on and waited at my gate.

As I tripped onto the plane still wearing my sunglasses and found my seat, I discovered, to my dismay, a mother and her newborn sitting right behind me. I swapped quick smiles with the mother as I slipped into my seat, though it went without saying that I was not happy to be sharing a 20-hour flight with a baby. Babies + airplanes = Crying. It was a known science. “I swear, if this kid can’t keep quiet—” I thought to myself through tightly closed eyes and a pounding headache. All I wanted to do was recline my chair as far back as it could go and sleep off this grizzly hangover. To top it all off, I was sandwiched between two businessmen, still chattering away on their cellphones.

The stewardess made her rounds and I was forced to return my seat to its proper upright and locked position for takeoff. We took off and soon we were air born. The moment we hit cruising altitude, I leaned my seat back again, shut my eyes, and just as I breathed in a hope of getting some peace and quiet, the baby started crying. I rubbed my temples, frustrated and hating life. There was a hammering in my head and this kid’s crying and the mother’s cooing wasn’t doing me any favors. But, instead of loosing my cool (I get it, babies cry, it’s a part of life), I whipped out my Pryma headphones, plugged them into my phone and my eardrums were filled with the slow beat of “What Love Is,” by Lolawolf.

And it was like the world just melted away. I swear these headphones cancelled out not only the screaming baby, but also the snoring and heavy breathing coming from the businessman drooling on my left, and the constant click-click-click of the businessman’s keyboard on my right. The jackhammer going off in my head was drowned out and I was out like a light.

When I awoke again, we were soaring towards home, my hangover had been conquered, the baby had fallen asleep, and both men were quietly reading. I stretched and got up to use the facilities, my headphones still on. I never wanted to take them off

again, they not only sounded good, but felt good, and looked damn good too. I’m never leaving home again without these babies round my neck.


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Oliver Benz and Brooklyn