Texan beauty Hannah Ferguson, at 22, is set to be the biggest all-American phenomenon to hit lingerie modeling since Kate Upton, ticking every box of a star in the making.

Carl’s Jr. advertisements with Paris Hilton, Ellen Von Unwerth’s campaign for Triumph lingerie, Sports Illustrated named ‘Rookie Swimsuit Model,’ are just a few achievements on the list, to date

Fergie, as her friends call her, grew up in San Angelo, Texas and now, like many models, lives in New York City, making her mark on every billboard and glossy page around. Hannah had the humble upbringing of a teen with too many siblings and strict Texan parents; including an ex-Marine Sniper… So yes boys, you can look, but I wouldn’t get too close. 

We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing and shooting this wonderful bombshell… she is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Interview with Hannah Fergusson

You were a Sports Illustrated Rookie this past season. What was that like?  

Being an SI girl is huge… It completely changes your career. It opens many doors and brings opportunities along which may not have [come], otherwise. For me, it’s literally a dream come true 🙂 and I couldn’t be more thankful or honored to be an addition to the SI family.

What’s your favorite thing about being from Texas? 

My favorite thing about being from Texas was growing up on a farm. I do love that BBQ though! And all the the Southern hospitality.

Q: A lot of people describe you as an “all American” girl. What do you think it means to be “all-american”? 

Coming from Texas, when I hear “all American,” I think: Texas, big trucks, jean shorts, football, BBQ and the American flag hahaha.

Q: You recently did a Triumph campaign with Ellen Von Unwerth. Can you tell us a bit about shooting with that legend? 

Shooting with Ellen was a phenomenal experience for me… She is very upbeat and loves to make everyone around her laugh. I felt I grew as a model having shot with her and I think there’s a lot to be said for that. Thank you, Ellen!

Hannah 4
Hannah 5

Q: You seem like such a normal, down to earth girl… What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? 

If I wasn’t modeling I think I would’ve opened my own barber shop or become a pre-k teacher.

Q: What is your dream job to book as a model?

My dream job always was to be in Sports Illustrated… Now that I’ve accomplished that, I’d have to say to step up a notch and take the cover!

Q: You awere in the Carls Jr. commercial with Paris Hilton. Was it weird seeing yourself on TV all the time selling cheeseburgers lol? 

Haha shooting the Carls Jr. commercial was SO much fun… Yes, it was really weird seeing myself on TV haha but hey, I was doing what I do best… Washing trucks and eating burgers lol

Hannah 11

Q: How did your agents at Trump Models groom you to become this little superstar you’ve become today? 

Trump Models has been absolutely fantastic.. I literally wouldn’t want to be with any other New York agency. They are personal, real with you, and definitely know how to do their job. We have become a team, and family. And I wouldn’t change that for anything !

Q: Most memorable moment modeling so far? 

My most memorable moment in modeling was definitely when I shot for Sports Illustrated.. I was on the beach in St. Lucia and I was thinking to myself “this is it! It’s actually happening!” Haha it’s crazy when you’re young and dream of these things, you don’t tend to think it’ll ever ACTUALLY happen. Well, for me it did and that was hands down my most memorable moment 🙂

Hannah 8

Model: Hannah Ferguson

Photographer: Max Papendieck 

Hair and Make-up: Ido Raphael

Stylist: Henrik Fallenius

Hannah Fergusson
Hannah Fergusson
Hannah Fergusson
Hannah Fergusson


Hannah Fergusson
Hannah Fergusson
Hannah Fergusson
hannah fergusson


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