Starting up a business is an important step in everyone’s life. Opening a hair salon is often a profitable and prospective investment since cutting hair and getting a new hairstyle is an indispensable part of anyone’s lifestyle. However, in order to make sure your investment is indeed worthwhile, there has to be a lot of effort put into planning and good organization. Undoubtedly, you have to ensure you have some must-have tools at your disposal before you get your first customer. 

In that way, check out this list of useful items every hairdresser needs when opening a new salon!

Professional set hairdressing scissors 

Set hairdressing scissors are probably something every hairdresser starts with when making a list of tools and items for his/her new salon. Naturally, you can’t use any scissors for this rather complex job, instead, you have to have professional ones for different purposes that will provide you with many hairdressing possibilities and also an option for texturizing. With these, you will be able to work on many different hairstyle looks and do your job in a professional way.

A professional set of razors

A set of different types of razors is certainly a must-have, especially for men’s hair salons. If you are planning to open up one business such as this one, then a razor is something you will have to use very frequently. From beard shaving to shaping many different beards and hairstyles. Therefore, make sure you add these to your list.

Hairdressing towels and gowns

Although not as closely important as scissors and razors, hairdressing towels and gowns are nevertheless an indispensable part of your hairdressing equipment. They are important because if you don’t dry up your customers’ skin after washing, you will lose them quickly. Likewise, you are also expected to protect your clients’ clothes from falling hair and similar, so in that way, you will invariably use hairdressing gowns at every hairdressing occasion. 

Hairdressing electricals

Similarly, you also need a set of various hairdressing electricals such as hair dryers, clippers, hair straighteners, and so on. These are often complementary tools to the ones mentioned above. In this way, make sure you make your salon and job both more efficient and effective with a set of these important electricals!

Hair Care products 

Apart from hairdressing, a large portion of your job will also go on washing hair and treating it afterward. In that way, you will certainly need some hair care products such as shampoos, hair gels, sprays, conditioners, treatments, and so on.

Brushes and combs

During the hairdressing process, you will also have to use brushes and combs for many different purposes. For example, if there is a case of hair entanglement, then you will certainly need brushes and combs for detangling it. Not only this, but you will also use these for blow-drying, shaping, corrections, and finishing the hairstyle. Naturally, these are used both in men’s and women’s salons and are considered equally important to scissors and clippers. 

Some other necessary details 

After you have added all these items mentioned above to the list, now you need to think about some small, but important details. Next in a row of your items and tools, you will need a water spray, apron, gloves, and so on. Again, these are highly important as they make your job easier and simpler. In addition, although they are frequently used, they are very cheap and easy to use. So make sure you complete your starter pack salon equipment with these.

Hygiene maintenance products

In order to develop your business, you also need to think about many other details apart from the most necessary ones. For instance, a high hygiene level is certainly a must in every salon in order to keep your customers coming back to you. In that way, make sure you have certain products to clean all your equipment after treating your customers and thus keep a high level of hygiene.

No matter whether you are a professional hairdresser or a novice, these items are certainly needed in every salon and for every hairdresser, man or female. These are important because they are the most basic tools that enable you to do your job properly and in a highly professional way. To that end, make sure you check this list and get the items from it before you welcome your first customer to it. Because with these items you will be able to make any customer like his/her new hairstyle and want to come back to you. Good luck!