By Michele Smith
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Paris Fashion Week is truly the crème de la crème of the fashion industry events and the very next on the list of major fashion events to attend after the close of New York Fashion Week. One supermodel, Gigi Hadid took over both New York and Paris Fashion Week’s shows by storm and is clearly the talk among fashion industry icons. Aside from starting her modeling career at the age of two for Guess, how exactly did this 22 year-old American model shine during Paris Fashion Week?

For starters, Gigi Hadid did not take over Paris Fashion Week all by herself. After all, why start at takeover without your best friend in tow? Gigi Hadid and B.F.F. Kendall Jenner were inseparable during fashion week and when they actually were apart, they were each separately walking shows for top fashion designers in the industry.
Both models walked the Chanel fashion show where all of the models walked in between rows of seats – one of the few fashion shows where all of the attendees were guaranteed a front row seat. Kendall walked in a baby pink puffer-dress complete with trendy black boots and Gigi modeled a metallic quilted set that the attendees were gushing over.gigi hadid paris fashion week

The dynamic due also decided to have some fun while continuing to make headlines at the Balmain show, where Gigi took center stage. This turned into a huge internet sensation as the duo decided to swap their signature hairstyles, with Gigi Hadid showing off her new beautiful brunette hair and Kendall Jenner sporting a stunning blond look.  The pair let the paparazzi snap multiple double take photos backstage, adding to the internet firestorm.  gigi hadid paris fashion week

During the Balmain show, Gigi Hadid (who also was named by Forbes as one of the top-earning models of 2016), modeled glimmered in a metallic dress complete with a gold necklace and strappy silver belt.  As previously mentioned, when the two were not together, they walked different shows. Kendall was busy walking for Dior, while Gigi strutted the runways for Giambattista Vall and Sonia Rykiel. In addition, as touted as the fashion week model who never sleeps, Gigi also walked for Isabel Marant, Mugler and Elie Saab. The model did have Sunday of fashion week off and spent it with her boyfriend Zayn Malik, where they spent the day out on the town and attended the Givenchy show.

gigi hadid paris fashion week

gigi hadid paris fashion week
gigi hadid paris fashion week

Not all of the moments during Paris Fashion Week were considered highlights though. While as a model, Gigi Hadid is clearly used to the camera, however she was caught flipping off the paparazzi from the backseat of her car, while running errands out in Paris. Sources close to the model claim Gigi was exhausted from running from show to show and has been living a very jet set lifestyle for months. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner did attend multiple after parties as well throughout the week. It was clear this year’s fashion show at the City of Light was clearly all about this dynamic dream team.gigi hadid paris fashion week