When it comes to your closest friends, you always think about what you can treat them too on the big holidays. But the truth is, these are the people you know better than they know themselves, which is why no gift is as thoughtful as a useful one. That’s why we have gathered 7 useful gift ideas you can give to the friends that matter the most.

holiday gift guide

Personalized Aprons

We all have one friend that is a star in the kitchen, whether they make the best meals or whose house you lurk at in the hope that you’ll be given some baked goods to take home. This friend typically loves to experiment with recipes, so why not make their experience extra special with a personalized apron they can wear to keep their clothes clean. You can get a cute photo printed on or a funny or sentimental phrase that embodies your friendship. 

Face Mask Kits

Everyone needs a day for self-care, and what better way to do so than with a refreshing and revitalizing pamper session. Caring about your complexion is essential for skin health, so treat that friend who matters the most to a great face mask starter kit. There are a variety of options to choose from depending on your friend’s preferences. You can choose a glow kit for the glamorous girl in your life or a set of simple sheet masks for different skin types. 

You don’t have to spend hours searching for the right skincare treatments; in fact, you don’t have to even leave your house! The folks at TheBoxHut.com explain that shopping has never been easier with a subscription marketplace available to browse and manage gifts. With this, you’ll be able to pick the ideal face mask starter kit for your closest gal pal. Not only will she absolutely swoon over the fact that she has a glorious pampering session ahead, but also because this subscription will deliver straight to her door every month. 

Waterproof Camera

If you’re willing to splurge for someone special, do it for the water baby in your life. Whether your friend is a water sports enthusiast or just loves to go for a deep dive in the pool, getting them a waterproof camera will allow them to document their adventures. This thoughtful present is very useful for a friend who hopes to take their love of water sports and turn it into a career. 

Smart Laptop Suitcase

The busybody in your life whose work revolves around their laptop will really get the most out of a smart suitcase. A smart laptop suitcase is so useful for several reasons: It has device charging capabilities, different compartments to store different items, suits anything from your iPad to your Macbook, and it is designed to fold out perfectly as a table to place your laptop on when in use.  This way your friend can keep all their belongings organized and get some work on the go. 

Compact Swivel Charcuterie Board

For the cheese and wine lover in your life, consider a glorious charcuterie board that is compact and swivels around. This item is extremely useful as it can fold in half for storing and is pulled out to display some tapas for guests. We all have that one friend who hosts the best gatherings and they will certainly get a kick out of this beautiful design that spruces up any coffee table for an elegant evening. 

Spill-proof Glasses

If your friend is a whiskey lover, they will surely appreciate these innovative spill-proof glasses. However, spirit enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who will find this gift useful. Clean freaks will also appreciate glasses that can’t tip over, and you will definitely be doing your clumsy friend a huge favor. 

LED Book Light

If a friend that is near and dear to your heart is an avid reader, then the most useful gift you can give them is a unique LED book light. This book-shaped light can be closed and rest on a nightstand like a book or placed with all the novels on the bookshelf when not in use. This unique wooden folding magnetic light not only looks great but will allow your friend to do some leisure reading before bed. 

As you can see, if you pay attention to your friends’ hobbies, you will understand the kind of items they need in life. Refer to the items above to give your friends a treat they’ll cherish forever. Always remember that the best gifts are the ones that they can get a lot of use out of, so show them that you always have their best interest in mind.