Toning the body can be a really rough process. It’s not like losing weight, when general exercise, a diet and a physically active lifestyle can take you very far. Toning specific areas of the body requires a commitment, discipline in addition to patience and a skillset. Even those individuals who are super in tune with their bodies and are fit often have trouble toning specific areas.

This is because everyone’s body is different. You won’t be able to tone your hips in the exact same methods as your neighbor. But if both of you go out running every morning, chances are, you both will lose at least some weight. So, we know how toning is a difficult task for many people. It may almost seem impossible, especially in areas like the double chin. There aren’t many exercises which are designed to tone that part of your body, no fast anyway. This is why there’s this special cosmetic treatment in clinics called Kybella injection. As a residents’ favorite, one of the quickest ways to tone that pesky double chin and restore the beautiful jawline. 

But before you can sign up for anything, you should really know how it works and what it does. 

The Inner Gravy of the Injection

Some of the best treatments in the cosmetics industry involve injections. Now, it’s no secret that injections aren’t exactly the most pleasant part of going to the hospital or the clinic. In fact it’s probably the scariest. You may not like them, but they exist for a reason.

They are able to deliver a certain compound or medicine into your body, causing minimal damage with precise accuracy. And this is exactly why the kybella compound is injected. When it comes to toning and burning away fat, accuracy is one of the most important factors. If you want to see the most positive results come out of the procedure, you need a set of experience with precise hands to inject the compound into just the right part of the face and at just the right angle.

And the compound itself is actually a clever workaround. Fat cells are not indestructible; they can be dissolved in several different ways. The kybella injection dissolves fat by burning it with a special synthetic compound. This compound is called deoxycholic acid. It is a synthetic version of digestive juices that our very own stomachs can produce. This means that the chance of you having an allergic reaction to the injection is very slim. Your body already is acquainted with this particular chemical.

Once the compound is injected under the chin, it slowly deteriorates the pockets of fat that have accumulated under the jaw . After several sessions, during which different amounts of kybella compound will be injected, you will start to see that your jawline is slowly restoring itself as the double chin settles down.

Safety and Concerns

Obviously, when the words “burn” and “dissolve” are in the same sentence as “under the skin”, you definitely want some clarification as to what will actually happen during the procedure and if there are any safety concerns you should be worried about. The deoxycholic acid does sound dangerous at first, but the geniuses who engineered it found a very clever way to ensure the patient’s safety.

Again, the deoxycholic acid is produced by your own stomach and can be found in your body naturally. But it’s not just any sort of stomach acid; it’s specifically there to burn through fat, which it does phenomenally.

The kybella compound, being a synthetic replica of this very stomach acid, works the same way. It burns away fat cells and breaks down fat clusters, without damaging any other part of the body. The chemical is engineered to be as safe as possible. Upon injection, it will only do what it is designated to, leaving everything else unharmed. 

The compound is always under constant testing to make sure that it’s as safe as possible, so you don’t have to worry about any health risks when going through the procedure. The only piece of advice any clinic specialist will give you, is to make sure that you don’t strain your skin too much around the period of the treatment. This means avoiding too much make, which you probably don’t put on your neck.

It also means not going for any other cosmetic treatment or things like tanning. These can put extra unnecessary strain on your skin, keeping it from fully functioning and being in its strongest state. So, for the sake of a quick and safe recovery, make sure you grant your skin enough time between sessions of kybella to properly heal up. 

Where to Look

If you live in NYC, you’re in real luck. This is the biggest city on the East Coast and pretty much the epicenter of all things beauty and cosmetics on this side of the continent. And the best part about it, is that you have so many options available to you, that you can definitely find a clinic that’ll offer the treatment for a price that’s very convenient for your budget.

Take MiracleFace MedSpa and their Kybella NYC treatment plan for example. It’s this perfect combination of a quality cosmetic treatment, performed by Ivy-League trained professionals, and for a reasonable, accessible price. Those are all the ingredients you’ll need for the perfect cosmetics treatment plan and this particular one you can only find in this specific Manhattan-based clinic, the MiracleFace MedSpa. You can actually check out their reviews and client testimonials and see for yourself the kinds of work they do. 

The kybella treatment is especially an amazing sight, since you can clearly see a huge improvement after several sessions and injections. All you really have to do is your share of research, as well as getting in contact with the clinic to see what deals they have waiting for you.

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