It’s time to get your pink on! With October 1st marking the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month! The holy grail of swimwear brands, Voda Swim, has partnered with Bright Pink®, donating 25% of all pink swimsuit sales to the organization during the month of October. The entire focus is devoted to swimsuits that actually support your breasts so it only makes sense to partner with Bright Pink. Each top features built-in foam cups that provide dual support on the side and bottom, pushing breasts inward and upward while still maintaining a very natural but lifted look.

They use what they call their “Envy Push Up” technology to increase your breast size up to two cup sizes, without the use of underwire. The push-up magic is thanks to built-in foam cups, which support breasts both from the sides and underneath, giving cleavage I didn’t even think was possible for a swimsuit without underwire. 


Bright Pink® is a national nonprofit helping to save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and manage their health. The mission is fulfilled by funding cutting-edge breast & ovarian health programs. Their strategy is to focus on overall health, not cancer. While partnering with women in their daily lives, Bright Pink® is able to educate and foster a supportive relationship. 
Check out VODA Swim’s website for all their all styles, get your resort shopping done early this year.

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As an added giveback for this year’s BCA, Voda Swim has created Voda Love – a philanthropic program dedicated to supporting those who need it most, by creating intentional products. The initiative stemmed from Founder Yulia Drummond, who strives to encourage and help others to grow, sharing the life lessons that have helped become the best version of herself today.

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The first Voda Love collection features three intention bracelets – Grace, Hope and Love – to remind each person of their daily, monthly and/or yearly intentions, all while inspiring positive change. Throughout the month of October, Voda Swim will donate all profits from the bracelets to Bright Pink®.