By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Here is the real deal: when most models are signed, it is instant joy, but then next question is, “Now, what?” While getting signed on with an agency is a real journey in and of itself, it is important to take several steps to maintain the relationship and more importantly, create a working partnership. After all, any new model truly needs to create a win-win relationship. The following article  will offer some insight for newbies in the industry, and any model for that matter to truly succeed and work in a very professional level.

Phone chargers are your friend

First and foremost, purchase a second phone charger and keep it in your purse always. This is especially important if you have an early morning shoot and you are not a morning person. Any new model in the industry needs to make sure that they are easily accessible always and this is beyond key for receiving new work.

This is especially if you are out and about all day. If you think about it this way, any model who has a dead phone is dead in the water. It is also important to charge you phone the night prior in case there are last minute location changes or additional wardrobe changes from the photographer.

Keep your agency updated always

As a model, this means several things. First, if you are not only to ask your photographer for feedback after the shoot, you should most definitely follow up with the agency you are working with. It is also recommended to communicate with your agency as a model, how the shoot went and especially if it went well. While any model may be required to purchase photos to use in their portfolio, if you have updated shots it is important to send them in to the agent to make sure they will be included in your overall portfolio. The agency may ask you to update your overall portfolio as a whole, but be sure to ask first.

Never be afraid to ask for new work

Here is the real deal: no one ever gets fired for asking questions whatsoever. If you are an aspiring model and did your homework before signing with an agency (and this means having a lawyer review your contract, but we are not getting into this here), it is very important to ask your agency about what their expectations are and within reason; it is OK to ask for anything they are looking for for new work. You may have photos in your portfolio that you didn’t deem important, but an agency would. The bottom line here is communication and the key here is simply asking.