The recently published Sex in 2022 Report by personal wellness brands, Hims and Hers, has made a fascinating finding: women from the Gen-Z generation could be on the cusp of starting a new sexual revolution. The report, based on thousands of participants across 50 states and 40 demographics, showed that Gen-Z is expanding sexuality more than any other generation. A case in point is the expansion of the full acronym for the queer community, from LGBT to LGBTQQIP2SAA+, indicating a realm of possibilities. Gen-Z women, in particular, are overturning current conventions, with almost half not identifying as heterosexual or not wishing to define their sexuality at all.

A Fluid Approach

The report showed that younger generations are taking a more fluid approach to their own sexuality. Many Gen-Z (and young millennial) celebrities and artists have defined themselves as pansexual, including Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, and JoJo Siwa. Recently, Siwa created a new label for herself: “Kysexual” (because her girlfriend is called Kylie). She added,  “I like queer. Technically I would say that I am pansexual because that’s how I have always been my whole life is just like, my human is my human.” Many Gen Z people are shunning terms altogether, simply wishing to enjoy their individual beauty.

Greater Curiosity

The report showed that Americans as a whole have become more curious. The majority are less concerned with how much sex they should be having and more interested in trying different sex. For instance, around 72% of people would like to try sex trends they haven’t tried before, including voyeurism, solo polyamory (having sexual partners without the goal of a monogamous relationship), and consensual exhibitionism. Roleplay, which can involve dressing up for sex and entering into a fantasy scenario (for instance, acting like strangers) is the top sex trend that Americans want to try out, followed by dom/sub relationships.

What Is Stopping Americans from Having a Richer Sex Life?

The biggest obstacle when it comes to achieving an optimal sex life is a fear of rejection. In the report, sexologist, Octavia Vance, speaks of how her patients often express a wish that their partners were more open with them. Then, they could be more sexually expressive with their partners. Interestingly, men would like to try different things out too, but typically fear that their partners will not be into the same things. Clearly, more fluid communication is key when it comes to improving many couples’ sex lives.

Learning From Gen Z

In many ways, Gen Zs are not necessarily interested in practicing multiple sexualities but, rather, in taking a stance of complete acceptance. They value equality and connections with different people, cultures, and values. Tolerance, acceptance, and an interest in diversity are all values that extend beyond social relationships. They enable one to explore a richer sex life because they lessen the fear of criticism, judgement, and rejection.

The Sex in 2022 Report indicates that Gen-Z could be ushering in a new wave of sexuality. It is one that shuns labels and focuses on acceptance. With surveys showing that many adults would like greater diversity in their sex lives, it is clear that many need to work on two important factors: communication and acceptance.