By Jenni Sellan

It’s a fresh, sweeping statement and while it may be a daring move for some it’s the colour pop that’s transcending the seasons.

All I see is green; the tone that evokes feelings of envy and calm, jealousy and tranquillity. Life is full of contradictions and why should fashion be any different.

Yes it was signalled as the colour for the summer season, but I don’t think we are done with it quite yet. After scanning the street style from FW18 this is a colour that remains high on fashion’s radar with no question that it was a favourite amongst the crowd; proof that green has life beyond the warmer months and the perfect choice for brightening up any hint of the autumn /winter blues.


When something works it works. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, so carry on and make your investment worth it, and fear not, Christmas is far enough behind us that you won’t be accused of letting the jingle go on too long.

Bold colour choices are the perfect opportunity for you to create a signature stamp as we move into a new fashion season and this one has luxury written all over it.

Give the classics a modern update and put your neutrals aside for this glorious hue, pop it on your feet and let it sparkle from your ears.

And don’t be afraid to pair it with colours that the traditional colour wheel might go into a spin over; yes blue and green can be seen!

Pair it back with citrus hues or if you dare, play with the lady in red. Gorgeous and somewhat unexpected colour combinations are your friends. Yes, colour is getting real!


Is it time to introduce a little shock factor and break up with your monochrome tendencies to keep things interesting? Green might just be your answer.

Whether you make it heroine for the day or prefer a chic, single tonal look, colour is definitely on show right now and with this hue your fashionable eye will be the envy of them all so watch your back for the green eyed monsters. Your style is definitely one they will want to steal.