By jessica Gonzalez

As if we needed another reason to adore the always chic, effortlessly cool Alexa Chung, British It-Girl after our own hearts, in comes Future of Fashion, her latest two-part mini-series for British Vogue. In this clever and informative series of videos, the contributing British Vogue editor and, most recently, face of French fashion house Longchamp sets out to interview various influential figures in fashion today. Her interviews and subsequent commentary inform viewers on the new directions in which fashion is heading.future of fashion

Throughout the series, Alexa takes on such important, relevant topics as social media and the blogosphere’s influence on designers, buyers, models, and fashion followers, how to go about scoring internships and/or jobs at major fashion houses and publications such as Vogue, the different disciplines and areas of business within fashion, and more. Divided into several parts, each FOF segement concentrates on a different part of the fashion world. The series successfully counters the stereotype of fashion being frivolous and demonstrates the impact fashion has as an art form, offering endless inspiration through its various avenues, worldwide. Alexa’s witty charm shines through during her interviews and perhaps, at times, even outshines her impeccable style. And that’s saying something!future of fashion

Some of the fashion heavy-hitters Alexa speaks with include young and unapologetically chic Olivier Rousteing, 26-year-old creative director of Balmain; Jaime Perlman, Vogue’s creative director; Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon; Scottish designer Christopher Kane; and many more. During part one of FOF, Alexa speaks with fashion experts about the ins and outs of fashion and how to breakthrough the industry. During part two, the series takes a deeper look into what influences trends, buyers, and fashion followers. She examines normcore and offers her opinion on the ubiquitous trend, in addition to numerous other pressing issues. For anyone who works in or follows fashion, The Future of Fashion is a must-watch!future of fashion