It’s important not to let your commitment to a healthy lifestyle start to complicate your relationship with food.

There is such a fine line between being healthy and being obsessed with what you eat.

So we are all becoming super health conscious – which is so amazing and well done to us! But healthy living should not encompass any extremes. There is no balance in the word ‘extreme’.

The healthiest people I know make healthy choices MOST of the time but they leave 20% for leeway, and they do not stress if their meals are imperfect.

Perfect eating does not exist. 

It’s about what you eat most of the time that counts, not what you eat sometimes. 

Top tips:

If you’re out with family and friends, do not worry about the food options. It’s not important. Simply choose the best available to you. Otherwise, you will only complicate you’re relationship with food further.

Let go of the need to eat ‘perfectly’. As Aviva Romm M.D says, “There is no such thing as a good girl Vs bad girl; no cheater Vs. good diet-er. There is only choice. And the choice is yours.” If you can sense a foot battle coming on, refuse to participate. If you’re being offered food you don’t want to eat, feel free to say no. Consciously listen to your body – and then give it what it needs. Let go of everything else. I promise you, no one eats perfectly! Perfect does not exist. Remember, you are good enough.

Stop comparing! Your body and nutritional needs are different from those of your friends, sister and that girl at work. Their eating patterns have nothing to do with yours.

Its not all or nothing. If you make a bad food choice – let it go. It’s no big deal. Rinse it off and continue on your health journey. Don’t let one bad meal ruin your eating for the rest of the day/week.


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