It’s a fascinating scenario when all your friends somehow end up as models. They work in the most romanticised and idealised industries to which can make for some veryyyyy interesting conversations over dinner and impact your life in more ways than one.

These are the 10 things that happen when all your friends are models.

1. You Become a Therapist

From being called too fat or labelled too skinny, nothing is out of bounds for the amount of pressure and ridicule these guys face. So with that, when they get rejected and go through a lull, you can expect many teary eyes over multiple glasses of wine and time spent spooning on the lounge watching terrible amounts of trash on tv.

2. Your Confidence Skyrockets 

Being around models on a daily basis provides some major benefits to yourself esteem. You learn to love yourself and be comfortable with where you’re at in life. Knowing just how much these guys are scrutinised on a daily basis and still have such a positive outlook and attitude toward life, definitely rubs off. You learn to live a little more care free and embrace life’s challenges.

3. You Know Your Angles

Watching a model pose in front of the camera is one of the most educating experiences. So much so, when it comes to your turn, on the road with that coffeecup in hand – you nail it every single time. You’ve got that except coercing you on the side!

4. You Can Take An Insta Worthy Photo In a Heartbeat

You can take credit for almost 80% of their gram, having learnt pretty quick what light is good and what poses do and don’t work. Angle up, above the knee or angle down, looking out and above the shoulder – you’ve got them sorted. So much so, you find yourself the go-to paparazzi for all your friends.

5. Your Social Life Becomes Much More Exciting

Access to VIP events and exclusive launches intended for the industry elite, you’ll be the +1 to all the mid-week fashion shenanigans. Raking up a handful of goodie bags along the way, perfect for last minute birthday give aways.

6. You Only Ever Use Pencil In Your Diary

You’ll make plans knowing that they may be cancelled at the last minute. Models can be booked on a job at moments notice, being told they need to pack their bags and head to the airport within the hour. So for this very reason, you refuse to use pen in your diary.

7. You’ll Learn All The Dirty Insider Secrets  

You get access all areas to the inside scoop with the dirty gossip going on within the industry. From the big name model who demanded their own dressing room, the sketchy photographers and drama on set.

8. You Distrust The Media More & More Every Day

Photoshop, staged Instagram, planted media stories and producers weaving their magic. Nothing is ever what is seams and you don’t buy into its bullshit, rather reading the newspapers or trolling the internet with a grain of salt each time.

9. Your Wardrobe Instantly Becomes 10x Better

Oh yeah – their wardrobe becomes your wardrobe. New season drops, abundance of bikini’s and designer bags, your friendship extends to their wardrobe whenever you’re in need.

10. Your Opinion and Perception Of The Industry Changes

You don’t look up to it all starry eyed as you once did before. You admire those who work in the industry, yet know the realities and understand what goes on behind the scenes enough to distance yourself just that little bit to keep you in check.