At only 16 years old, Frances Elliott is already an up and coming model, fashion designer and social media professional. She is half Indonesian, half Canadian and lives the ultimate beach life in Bali, Indonesia. 

By Justice Jones


First off, how did you start modelling?

I started Instagramin’ a year ago, doing silly shoots my with photographer bestie @Reopalmer – posting on Instagram, trying to make my IG sick and from there I started getting emails! Hahaha.

That’s amazing. Your Instagram game must have been real strong!

Do you have an exercise regime to keep you in shape?

Hmmm … I do sports at school twice a week, occasionally surfing.  I tried doing a ‘self gym’ at home, but I quit. I can’t be stuffed!

I can’t exercise at home either, I loose major motivation.

You are also an emerging fashion designer, tell us a bit about your

brand and how it first started?

Well, Reo, Inka and I were just school besties and we wanted to start something and make money of our own. Since Bali was the easiest place to start fashion, we took the advantage and started designing from inspired bikinis. We started off by saving $5 from lunch money, brought that together every weekend and then we’d go to the factory to pay up our Lycra samples. We realised Lycra was too hard and too mainstream, so we started with our fave, fave material, Crochet.

Ah Crochet is my favourite too – so delicate. I love that you girls didn’t have heaps of funding or anything extravagant, instead you saved and worked hard, like any other teenage girl.

Where can we get ourselves a pair of Akoia swimmers?

Online at or OneLoveLTD, in Jalan Petitenget in Bali.

What has been the craziest opportunity you have had thus far through modelling?

I don’t think I have hit the “Craziest opportunity” of my modelling career yet. This whole “modelling at 16,” is a pretty crazy opportunity to me. .

Do you think living in Bali and embodying the whole, “Bali lifestyle”

has assisted you in your modelling and fashion careers?

Hmm… I don’t know, yeah, maybe. How it’s tropical and free, has kind of assisted my careers.

Well you are the epitome of a ‘super cool surfer chick’ and young girls seem to really like that.

You also have quite a large Instagram following, would you ever

consider blogging?

Yes I have been thinking of it! But I have been thinking about a YouTube beauty channel more.

Please make a YouTube channel, I would definitely listen to your beauty advice!

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words … FrancesElliot.Midpage


Finish these random sentences:

My favourite city in the world is …

New York City! (Even though I’ve never been, I’ve heard it is so amazing!)

My dream guy would be …

Zac Efron baby

My favourite music is …

Chilled music and a little indie rock

On a day off, you are most likely to find my best friend and I …

At the beach, surfing! My boyfriend is my best friend too, so hanging with him – going for lunch dates, surfing and chilling at home!

Super cute!

I am an ethnic mix like you and I know in the Philippines, for example, they love half castes. Do you think being mixed helps you with modelling?

Yes I think it would. Mixes bring out different and

unique looks, which some brands love and want! That’s half the

reason I get these modelling jobs.

If you weren’t a model or designer, what career would you pursue?

I’m not sure. See, this all happened too quickly for me. That question would be more settled when I am a little older.

I know you are still in school, how do you balance it all?

I honestly don’t know how.

What is your favourite subject in school?

Sports & Geography

Do people treat you any differently because of what you do?

Haha nahh, not really, I’m still Fran!

One last thing, can you send us a selfie?



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