Alongside reading interviews with leading figures from the fashion world and following the latest trends online, fashionistas everywhere unwind with a variety of modern-day entertainment options. For some, gaming is a favorite pastime, particularly given the wealth of fashion-related products that occupy the gaming category of entertainment.

While some titles in this area are worth avoiding, there are some other products that warrant a session. In fact, fashion-themed games are appealing to gamers everywhere. Alongside other popular options like augmented reality hit Pokemon Go, puzzle favorite Candy Crush Saga, and Microgaming’s vampire-themed Immortal Romance slot game, fashion games are standing out on a variety of gaming devices, from smartphones to PC machines. Let’s take a look at five of the leading options below. Make no mistake about it, every passionate fashionista will enjoy these top titles.

Covet Fashion is a favourite for many

A fashion-themed release that is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, Covet Fashion has been pulling gamers with a passion for fashion since 2013. Thanks to a series of updates, the game has remained relevant in 2023 as gamers dress up a variety of models in a selection of different styles. Also offering hair and makeup features, the customisable aspect of the game makes it ideal for people who know style when they see it. You can even use items from real-life fashion brands, too.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar is a great spin-off from the show

Of course, fashion is diverse and is represented in a variety of categories, including the drag queen scene. In RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, gamers are in charge of looking after their very own queen as they come up against other looks just like in RuPaul’s hit television show. Not only is the game extremely fun and entertaining as you aim to spruce up your queen, but it captures the essence of the show extremely well.

Style Savvy: Styling Star is a hidden gem

A game that first rose to prominence on the Nintendo DS, if you can track down a copy of Style Savvy: Styling Star, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. Enabling players to run their very own boutique shop, the aim of the game is to deliver the perfect look to your variety of clients, keep the business thriving, and establish a sustainable business with a solid reputation. A game not many people know about, Style Savvy: Styling Star is definitely a hidden gem.

Even Kim Kardashian has a game now


A global superstar and a fashion icon in her own right, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that Kim Kardashian has her own fashion-themed game now. Called Kim Kardashian Hollywood, fashionistas are tasked with working as the American media personality’s assistant and dressing her up for a selection of huge occasions. From there, gamers have to work their way up in the world of celebrity and fashion as they aim to navigate their way through the high life and live like a Kardashian. Even if you aren’t a fan of Kim Kardashian, you’ll enjoy this engaging release with a number of fashion-related elements.

Travel the globe in Glamm’d

Ever fancied living the life of a world-famous glamour model? Well, in Glamm’d, you can do exactly that. As you travel the world entering large fashion competitions, the aim of the game is to grow your reputation while you design your models and give them the look they deserve. You can add accessories, choose from a variety of eye shadows, add tattoos, and loads more. From there, the game’s community of players vote on your completed look.

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