By Jessica Frost

As someone who is generally pretty clueless when it comes to the beauty industry, when I find something good, whether it be a product, tip or technique, I get more excited than a kid drinking red cordial at a birthday party. With that excitement comes the need to share it with anyone who will listen but when they’re this good, wouldn’t it be wrong not to share? I’ve found the model approved must have beauty items and have put them all in a handy list below.

1. Facial Mist
Literally a life saver. Facial mists, particularly those with soothing ingredients like rosewater and chamomile, are the perfect pick me up when your face starts to feel a little flat. They give an instant dewy glow, help to set makeup and are great to use when your makeup is feeling a little cakey. Just give your face a few sprays and gently tap into your face to re-hydrate your skin and smooth out makeup creases.

2. Tubing Mascara
If you’ve ever caught your reflection and been horrified by the mascara smudges camping under your eyes and on your eyelids than you need to get yourself one of these. Great for sensitive eyes as well, a tubing mascara forms a tube around your eyelashes and won’t flake off during the day like other kinds. You can spend the day running around at work, have a little stress cry when you see how many emails you still haven’t read at 5pm, fight your way home through peak hour traffic and never have to worry about having panda eyes again.

3. Skin Salve Balm
These babies are the kind of thing that when you start using it, you’ll find yourself feeling a little anxious when it’s not by your side. Used for chapped lips, dry spots, cuticles and even on the cheek for that ‘I woke up like this’ glow.

4. Banana Powder
I was super sceptical about this at first but after trying it I’m pretty impressed. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ll have seen or heard of ‘baking’ your makeup. Banana powder is used to set makeup, particularly under the eyes, and leaves a flawless, smooth and dark circle free finish when it’s gently brushed away after being left to soak in for a minute or two.

5. A Dewy Highlighter
Being the hottest beauty trend of the moment, every girl should have a highlighter in her beauty arsenal. There are a million options to choose from but your best bet is going for one that has a liquid base so it gives a glossy, natural look rather than shimmery. Choose a liquid, stick or balm like highlighter over a powder to make your cheekbones glisten and give you a youthful glow.