By Michelle Smith
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Lights. Camera. Action.

If you are new to the industry and just landed your first gig, your main first question would be, “Now what?” Well, rather than diving into full-blown panic mode there are several easy tips and tricks you can follow to make sure that your first gig is a success. This is of utmost importance, because if you do well, subsequent gigs will surely follow. Below are a couple of things you should “must do” without question.

While some of these may sound completely obvious to an outrageous extent, one may be surprised what new models tend to do wrong when they are booked for their first modelling job.

Tip #1 – Have your mobile phone fully charged.
While this seems quite simple, charging your iPhone before a job the night before is not only key for people involved in the project to be able to contact you and vice-versa (God forbid, do not be late), but for your agency to contact you and enable you to take calls for new jobs. Models as well as people in any profession can also buy remote battery chargers (some come in a 3-pack), where you have an automatic charger and will not have to run around a set looking for a plug. Back up is key. Also, make sure you have all necessary phone and email contact information with you. This would mean your agent, the client (if need be) the photographer.

Tip #2- Do your homework.
Research the project, the photographer and the end goal in mind with any project. Make sure you are wearing what is expected of you and what to take. This means if clothing is not provided for you, bring the correct clothing, accessories and shoes. The key here is to come to the assignment prepared. This may even mean bringing your own make up to the shoot, so be sure to ask ahead of time what is required and what is not. For example, if the project requires a model to show up to a shoot with a completely bare face and you show up completely made up, you will end up causing unnecessary delays, irritating all parties involved in the project.

Tip #3- Exhibit good in-studio behaviour.
First and foremost, do not bring an entire entourage with you and you should most certainly not bring your mom, children and grandma. Keep your chit chat to a minimum. The company that has hired you is paying you to model not to talk. While it is certainly polite to say hello and introduce yourself, you should by no means talk the hiring company’s ear of. Listen carefully to instructions and do not deviate to improvise or suggest doing your own thing. Be sure to keep this in mind if pressure builds on the set and you start to get nervous. Last but not least, always let your agency know how the assignment went and ask for feedback.