Searching for the perfect first day of school outfit for a girl? Finding the right option can be tough as there are so many possibilities, especially if your child strongly prefers what she wants to wear. 

For those trying to find the best choice, check out this post. Below you’ll discover a few first-day-of-school outfits for girls to consider to help them start their year right!

6 Impressive First Day of School Outfits

Floral Shirts

A floral shirt is a simple yet nice way for girls to make a fashion statement. You’ll find plenty of botanical designs to pick from, and most are made with breathable materials so that the shirt won’t feel stuffy. Besides a traditional t-shirt, floral shirts also come in various styles, like a tie-front. As its name implies, a small tied piece is in the front. 

This option is extremely versatile, so that girls can wear it almost any time of the year with anything. For instance, in the summer, she could throw it on over shorts, while in the fall, it will look nice under a denim jacket. 


A pair of corduroys might be ideal if your child enjoys heavy playing. They’re not only stylish but can withstand wear-and-tear that other options (like a dress) might not. Besides this, it works for practically every season so that girls can wear them all the time!

Lace Dresses

Another great outfit idea is a stunning lace dress. Designing with beautiful stitches, lace dresses might seem fragile, but they’re built to last and give girls the freedom to move without things being uncomfortable. Lace dresses are also easy to match with shoes – anything from sneakers to sandals will look great!

Make sure to read the cleaning directions for lace dresses, though. This can be a temperamental material and usually needs to be hand-washed. 


This is a skirt and short combination – useful for girls who like to dress up but play their hearts out at the same time. 

Skorts are also a unique modest girls clothing choice and come in innumerable styles, including ribbed, which gives the piece a slightly wavy appearance. They can also be made in different lengths, including to the knee.

Canvas Sneakers

Don’t forget about shoes when planning the first-day outfit! A good pair will complement the outfit while also making it easy to walk and run in. 

Unlike other sneakers, canvas selections are made with lightweight and breathable canvas. Besides this, they’re durable, so they can withstand everything from simple walks around school to running in gym class. 

Classic Jeans

Jeans are a timeless fashion staple for school days. The fantastic thing about jeans is that they match almost everything. You can wear a t-shirt over it or wear it under a dress. They also come in several styles, sizes, and colors, so there’s something for everyone. 

Tips for Finding the Right First Day Outfit

Measure Correctly

One of the most important things is to ensure that you get the right outfit measurements. A shirt might look nice, but if it’s too small or tight, it won’t be comfortable and stylish to wear. If you’re shopping in person, always try the pieces out. 

Most clothes companies will include a size chart for you to reference for those searching online. Remember, if you’re ordering online, do it well ahead of time in case you need to exchange something before the first day. 

Find Something That Matches Her Personality 

If your child doesn’t like the clothes she’s wearing, the first day of school outfit won’t look very nice because she won’t be happy in it. You’ll want to learn what she wants to wear and then make suggestions around that. 

The best thing about this, though, is that if she also loves the clothing, she’ll want to wear it throughout the year, which can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. 

Test it Out

The outfit might be everything you’d hope for, but you need to make sure it fits and is comfortable. Otherwise, it will end up being rather annoying to wear. So, before heading off to school, have her try the outfit on and walk around in it. Then, if she feels uncomfortable or wants to change things, you can do so. 

Don’t Overdo It

It’s easy to get excited when designing a classy first-day outfit. But less is often more, especially if the outfit is for a younger girl. So pick a simple but stylish attire that will make her feel good but be comfortable to wear. 

While there are plenty of options, determining the best first day of school outfit can be tricky. Hopefully, with these ideas, you’ll find something modest and fashionable for your child to wear.