If you live in Costa Mesa, that is.

Many women and some men know the difficult, painful and tedious process of removing hair. While I can’t promise that ripping any hair out from the roots will ever be fun, I can say with confidence that if you live in the L.A area testing out Hairy Little Things will be your best chance at even having a semblance of enjoyment when it comes to hair removal. 

Founded by Alixandria Capparelli in 2014 she will now be opening her third location in Costa Mesa. With soft blush details, a ‘vibe check’ mirror, and a mixture of modern and vintage decor you are sure to feel right at home. The soft details and checkered cushions in the waiting room only adding to the experience. The atmosphere is clean, simple and delicate. However, unlike many other businesses that feature hair removal and other cosmetic procedures, it doesn’t feel boring or like a doctor’s office. Walking into Hairy Little Things you’ll find your stress melt away as you enter and you’ll feel like a brand new person as you walk out the door. 

Along with the fantastic atmosphere, the service range is wide, with all things brows, lashes, and lips. Do you need someone well-trained in lash extensions? Lip blushing? Microblading? One of the sixteen estheticians at Alix’s three shops will certainly have you covered. Here at Hairy Little Things, beauty is treated as an art. And as the location number grows along with the client list, this is all the more true. 

With a love of makeup and beauty, Alix started experimenting with different techniques and looks when she was young. This love for makeup naturally sparked an interest in going to beauty school. A founding member of Glamsquad in 2012 and then creating Hairy Little Things in 2014 Alix holds an extensive repertoire when it comes to creating glamorous looks. From her signature ‘fluff’ eyebrows to knowledge about all other beauty procedures you’re in good hands if you’re with Alix or one of her technicians. Maybe removing hair isn’t fun, per se, but you can at least you can sit in a beautiful space with knowledgeable people at Hairy Little Things. 

For more information on Alixandria Capparelli or Hairy Little Things, visit www.hairylittlethings.com. And if you’re interested in testing out the power of Alix’s treatments (because who isn’t?!) and want to see the new location head to 234 E 17th Street, STE 205 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 in Plaza Sereno– a new home where you’ll find the new you!