By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Winter is slowly fading away and anyone, model or not is wondering when and where to break out the spring wardrobe. The main question is however, what is truly in for spring 2017 and is there anything to recycle in a non- models closet. They key here, is to not despair and not do an absolute spring cleaning before you take notice of the following tips. The point is to save the fashion shopping trip, when you truly may have must-have items in your current possession. This following is what models and non-models alike can expect for spring.

Pink is supreme

With major designer labels supporting this trend and think pink bubble gum; Celine, Gucci, Valentino and Loewe are on board just to name a few. Also, keep an eye out for the rose-colored ensembles, as this hue is in as well and will be for many months to come. What are the model must-haves for your wardrobe? Fashion critics have indisputably hailed pink as the color of the year, so stock up on sunglasses, purses, skirts and more. The point is here to not discard anything pink in your wardrobe and shop away.

Rainbow Bright Stripes

While this is a repeated trend from the 80’s, rainbow is back in and in full force. If you were in attendance at any fashion week runway show, anyone can clearly see that rainbows are in. Model or not, think in terms of clothing, every color, shape, size, and form; for example think about both broad bands and skinny hypnotic stripes that catch attention. This is an easy trend to incorporate in anyone’s wardrobe, fashion model or not.

The 80’s are back

It is an indisputable fact that fashion trends recycle in a great way and on the model runways from the last season displaying the spring collections; the 80’s are back minus the teased hair and bangs. The off the shoulder look is clearly in and also take into consideration sheer, high-shine fabrics with a draped volume of fabric. Any model or not can achieve this look, so do not clean out your closet just yet. The shoulder pads are also back. While this time, they are not overstated, but Balmain for one, has incorporated shoulders in every piece complimented by the ever so trendy skinny jeans. This look also comes absolutely complete with a pair of platform heels.

Florals in full force

This is another trend that has graced every runway show and with absolute class. From a 70’s perspective and beyond, models on every spring runway has been wearing florals from head to toe. Yes, this absolutely means high fashion pumps as an added accessory as well. Designers such as Marques’Almeida, Chloé, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, Erdem have been leading the way, but have focused on raw hems and florals with ruffles. Without question, this is an updated floral look that every model and non-model alike can incorporate in their wardrobe, even with just a purse.