By Michele Smith
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Most some people are under the impression that fashion boo-boos stem from a judgmental audience sitting in the front row on the runway, when in reality most people commit some sort of fashion-based disaster without even realizing it. If you are committing any of the following fashion blunders because they are habits you are unwilling to break or assuming various fashion clichés, it is time to call the fashion police … on yourself.

White should not be worn after Labor Day

This fashion cliché should have been thrown out the window the day that White House Black Market officially opened their doors, but many people still believe this is a fashion no-no and it is simply not true. White is a fresh, classic and modern look that can still be worn when the weather turns cold. The key to not looking out of place here is all about the fabric. Choose white wool, cashmere, fur, mohair, flannel, silk or leather, for a “cool” winter look.

White dress

Always buy the same sized clothing

Unfortunately, our society is hung up on numbers and this needs to change. A great rule to follow is that you should always purchase the size that makes the clothing look the best on your body type. Fitted or over-sized. Cheaper clothes typically run larger, so a size you purchase at Target is going to a different size at a designer boutique.

over sized jumper
fitted leather jacket
Oversized jacket

Shopping for social media

If any of your shopping decisions are based on what you want to post on Facebook vs. something you will actually enjoy, think twice. Ask yourself if you are buying the Prada bag for you, because you love it, or you would simply love to post your purchase on social media. You may need to rethink your shopping habits. Are you really going to wear them?

Instagram Fashion

Tall women shouldn’t wear heels

While this may have been started from a dating faux paus, this simply isn’t true. There are plenty of supermodels and actresses out there that absolutely kill it in a pair of heels (think Charlize Theron, etc.). Heels are always classy and very feminine addition to any wardrobe.

dior heels

Avoiding horizontal lines

The horizontal line avoidance, because they will make someone look wide is one of the most popular fashion clichés. While a skin tight dress with horizontal lines will only look good on someone with a model’s figure, there are other options available. Wearing a horizontal lined shirt combined with jeans or a skirt with horizontal lines combined with a long overcoat will look flattering on anyone.


Wearing red to a wedding

Many people are under the impression that you cannot wear red to a wedding and this is simply not the case. Red is no longer the sexy, too-revealing color to show up in at ceremony. A white dress is a completely different matter however. There are several options that make wearing red to a wedding completely acceptable. A good rule of thumb is to select red gowns with clean lines that are made from chiffon, silk, or organza, instead of shiny satin or anything too stretchy. Last, always keep embellishments to a minimum.

red wedding
Red dress wedding
red dress