By Simi A Mira

The summertime is creeping in and it’s an exciting time for your complexion and your wardrobe. However, during the dark dismal winter months, you may have resigned yourself to jumpers, full length dresses and boots, not realising that summer is here and you need to update your style. This off guard period is when you are most likely to make an unforgivable summer fashion faux pas. In order to prevent you from committing a crime against summer fashion, here are the top five mistakes you should avoid this season:

1. Neon

We don’t mean flashes of neon, here and there – some people wear neon EVERYTHING. Bikini, sunglasses, accessories. Whilst you may want to attract some attention this summer, choosing neon as a way to do that isn’t advisable – you’ll be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. The full on raver look is over, so opt for something more demure and flattering – hordes of neon is never a flattering look.

2. Over-dessing / under-dressing

Yep, it’s a difficult month to dress well in – but if you do it right, you’ll look fabulous. However, there is always the risk of overdressing, especially when it’s been winter for so long and you are used to chucking on layer after layer. So remember to be cautious about throwing the kaftan over the maxi dress over the silk scarf over the beach hat… the layers soon add up and before you know it you’re looking out of place amongst a group of appropriately dresses pals.

3. Footwear

Ok, we understand you’ve been living in boots, shoes any other comfy piece of footwear for the last few months, but now it’s time to adjust to the weather. And by this we categorically do not mean Crocs, socks and sandals or kitten heels! We mean elegant sandals, some classy evening stilettos and some Converse for dog walks and exploring.

4. Fake Tan

So you’re not the bronzed goddess you intend to be by the end of summer? Until then, you’ll have to fake it by applying some tanner or bronzer. That’s all well and good, but there is an art to applying fake tan and many people are oblivious to the streaks and stains it can leave. To avoid this, ensure you have exfoliated, moisturised and have waited an hour before getting dressed after applying tan. Now you can exude that beach confidence without worrying about streaks.

5. Swimwear

There’s a knack to getting swimwear right. If it looks too loose, it ruins your shape and looks saggy; if it’s too tight you are revealing waaay too much and could cause offence – or at least second hand embarrassment. Ill-fitting beachwear is a common complaint from many beach goers who feel they can’t tell the offending party that their bikini is too big or small. When readying for the beach, ensure you know the right size for you when picking your swimwear. If you’re unsure, ask when you are out shopping and the sales advisor will help you choose the right size bikini or swimsuit for you.