The eye they say is the window to the soul therefore it is necessary that this window is not blurred or blocked. That is the major reason for the invention of eyeglasses to help people correct impaired vision.  In days gone by, glasses were considered an oddity and many wearers often felt embarrassed; this can mainly be attributed to the design of most of these glasses.

As time went on and technology improved, eye contacts were invented as ‘funkier’ or more convenient alternatives to cumbersome eyeglasses. There are both anecdotal and proven data about this innovation and how it has evolved. However, that is not the focus of this article but you can visit this for some quick facts.

Contact lenses have become more of fashion items than medical devices and many people now see them as fashion accessories that they can buy along with other items in their wardrobe. However, that is not the right thing to do which is why this piece is important.

In this article, we will look at factors to consider before or when shopping for eye contact so stays with us.

Tips for Ordering Colored Eye Contacts

Like we already mentioned, eye contacts are classified as medical devices, but we all know that they are used as cosmetic or fashion items. For this reason, some people do not pay the type of attention that they should when shopping for it. However, we will share below some factors to consider before you choose any product in this class and tips to help you get the best option for you.

Ensure you Get a Prescription

This point is very important because the FDA considers these products as medical devices that shouldn’t be bought without a prescription. In fact, it is illegal to buy contact lens in the US without prescription. You may be wondering why all the fuss especially if you just want them for cosmetic reasons; well, getting contacts without prescription is risky as you can damage your eyes.

You need to visit an eye doctor to properly get fitted for any type of contacts but most
importantly the coloured variety like orange contacts. This is because these variants
come in different diameters and base curves. Therefore, you need the right fit to avoid
discomfort or potential damage to your eyes.

Consider your Eye Sensitivity and State of Health

It is assumed that this should have been covered when getting a prescription, but it is a very important factor and that is why it is worthy of specific mention. There are eye conditions that exclude some people from using eye contacts; these include ocular sensitivity and allergies.

When consulting with a specialist, ensure that they address every issue to ensure that you can be fitted for this device. In the case of allergies and ocular sensitivity, your doctor can help you find a way around the type of lens to use.

Consider the Material the Lens is made of

Ensure that you consider the materials that the product is made of. You need to look out for breathable materials that would allow the free flow of sufficient oxygen into your eyes. The most recommended types in this category are the silicone hydrogel lenses.

Additionally, consider your lifestyle as you choose the daily or monthly lens to buy. The daily use, as its name implies, is disposable and best for infrequent use while the monthly use is reusable and best for regular use. Ensure that you look out for top quality products to be sure that you get the right product. You can visit Misaki contacts for some samples. Sadly, some unscrupulous vendors or brands might be ambiguous about which lens is daily use and which is monthly just to make extra bucks from buyers.

Consider Lens Colors and Desired Effects

In choosing colored contact lenses, you need to decide upfront what you want as per color and effect. Do you want your face to be dramatically transformed or you prefer a subtle life-like effect? For a bold and dramatic effect, you should choose vivid colors while colors such as blue or brown will give you that natural look.

Ease of Use and Handling

One feature that makes for ease of use and handling is the visibility tint. This feature does not in any way interfere with the hue or shade but rather makes it easier for the use to handle while inserting or removing the device.

Check out the Reputation of the Seller/Supplier

Since contacts are medical devices that are used for the human eye, it goes without saying that one must be careful in choosing whom to buy from. Do not just walk into any store or click on any link to make a purchase. Ensure that you carry out thorough research to be sure that the seller you want to deal with has good reputation.

Make sure that they stick to industry standards and are also FDA compliant. This means that their colored contacts must be FDA approved which proves that they meet the quality and safety standards of the organization. Additionally, a reputable seller will give you product that fits your prescription accurately. Do not forget to check out customers review especially if you are placing your order online.


Using colored eye contacts can transform your appearance dramatically and can be fun accessory. However, it is expedient that you take your time and consider some factors before you make a purchase. We have shared some of these factors and tips that will help you make the right choice and safely enjoy this accessory.