E-bikes come in all shapes and sizes these days, but there is no model of e-bike that is more fun than a beach cruiser. Cruise bikes are a ton of fun if you love casual biking and want to make a statement with the colors and styling of your bike at the same time.

While you might not choose to ride your electric beach cruiser to work, you will certainly enjoy using it to head to the waves and the sand for a day of fun in the sun. You can also enjoy riding this kind of e-bike on a casual ride with friends in the park or around town as you take care of errands. Sixthreezero bikes can offer you access to some of the highest-quality beach cruiser e-bikes that are perfect for any day of relaxation near the beach.

What is an Electric Beach Cruise Bike?

Cruiser bikes are often defined by having a wider tire that cushions your ride and makes things softer and more forgiving. You will also usually find that cruiser bikes have a swooping frame. These traditional frame styles might be accompanied by a soft, cushy banana seat and other comfort items. The ride with this kind of bike is more about comfort than anything else.

E-bikes are very ideal for days biking to the beach because they help make it simple and relaxing to get from place to place. Depending on the kind of battery and the style of motor that you select for your e-bike, you can save yourself a lot of time pedaling up hills and just pedal in style with ease from place to place.

E-bikes are really ideal for all kinds of purposes, even if you are used to a regular pedal bike. Being able to save effort and move quickly as you cover ground is ideal. In some cases, folks who live in the city can sell their car and simply use their e-bike to commute and run errands. E-bikes can go up to 20 MPH and offer enough battery power to last for hours of use.

How do I Pick the Right Beach Cruiser E-Bike for my Needs?

There are many factors that might influence your choice of e-bike. If you have never purchased an e-bike before, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to help narrow down the search so that you can get connected with the right cruiser bike for your summertime adventures.

1.        Pick a Class

Classes help you define how much assistance you will get from your e-bike. Class 1 assists only when you pedal and stops helping if you reach 20 MPH. Class 2 pedal assists up to 20 MPH, but there is a throttle-power mode that will allow you to ride without pedaling. Class 3 is pedal assist-only, but the pedal assist stops when you get to 28 MPH.

Ultimately, your preferred riding style will have a lot to do with this choice, but most new riders don’t want anything more powerful than a class 1 bike. This is the most affordable option and often the most approachable ride for those who are new to e-bike use.

2.        Select Your Range

The size of the battery on your e-bike will influence how far you can ride on a single charge. You will find that bikes can offer many different ranges depending on the size of the battery and motor of the bike.

If you don’t need to ride very far, you can often save money and weight when picking your bike. If you need to ride long distances on your e-bike, you will need to ensure that you select the right motor and battery size. Customer service reps or manufacturers should be able to help you select the right battery and motor for your riding goals. The range can make or break your enjoyment of your bike, so this is a key aspect of shopping smart when getting your cruiser bike.

3.        Motor Location

The riding experience on an e-bike has a lot to do with the placement of the motor. You will find that motors are typically placed at the rear wheel hub or in the middle of the bike where the pedals are connected to the frame. There are benefits to both selections, and the mid-drive design is the most common.

The balance of the bike can be impacted by the placement of the motor, so you will need to be sure that you consider this selection carefully. Some bike makers will have showrooms where you can try out both styles of bike to see which arrangement is the most ideal for your preferences.

4.        Pedal-Assist Levels

Many e-bikes will offer you the chance to select from 3-4 pedal-assist levels. This allows you to preserve battery power when it is easy to pedal and to use it when you need some help. You will want to consider having access to as much or as little of the power of your bike as you desire if you want to have a pleasant riding experience.

Pedal-assist can also be more or less sensitive depending on the bike that you select. You might want to try out some bikes with different levels of sensitivity so that you can find which style of e-bike suits you the best.

A Beach Cruiser E-Bike is Ideal for Many Reasons

There are so many reasons that a beach cruiser-style e-bike might be right for you. These are some of the most comfortable and stylish e-bikes on the market today. If you love a classic bike design and want to head to the beach without getting tired of pedaling on the way there, then an e-bike with this design is perfect for you!

Always make sure to research the options that are available to you carefully before selecting your e-bike. There are many ways to customize your purchase so that your e-bike is truly ideal for your riding wants and needs.