By Calynn M. Lawrence

Nigel Barker is one of the most weighted names in fashion photography this century! He has been at the top of the game since its beginning! Not only is a mind blowing photographer but he is an appraised Television personality, author, spokesperson, former model and film maker! His career holds so many titles that he serves as nothing short of pure inspiration for those pondering getting into the fashion industry.

How did Nigel Barker become THEE Nigel Barker? Well, it all began with his career in Europe as a fashion model! He started as a young adult and continued modeling for approximately a decade. He saw that although he had a passion for the fashion industry, being a model was not his suit. That is when he transitioned from being in front of the camera to being the operator behind it!

Nigel Barker
Nigel Barker

His photography career is famous around the entire world having worked with many big brand designers and countless supermodels. His photography studio, based in Manhattan has booming business with partnerships with GQ, Interview, Lucky, Ford, Seventeen, Ted Baker, Lexus, Nine West, Sony and many more!

With such an extensive success, Nigel Barker’s opinion has become very heavy in the fashion realm. Because of this, he was casted as a judge on the long time television competition America’s Next Top Model, where he worked as a judge for 17 cycles of the show. He also has been a judge for the Miss America Pageant multiple times, as well as VH1’s photography competition “The Shot” and he has been a host for “The Face.” His wrap sheet in television is longet than some of the most oustanding actors!Nigel Barker

His endeavours in fashion are clearly steelar, but his humanitarian efforts are equally as impressive. He has been known to be very charitabel, donating cumulative millions of dollars towards charity throughout his career. Also, he directed the highly acclaimed documentary “A Sealed Fate?” in collaboration with The Humane Society of the United States, Elixabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and the Edeyo Foundation. He is also an ambassador for Make A Wish Foundation, Do Something and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer! This is in addition to the self help book that he penned dedicated towards upbuilding young models self esteem in a seemingly pressing industry entitled “Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You.”

Clearly, Nigel Barker has done loads with his career and is not slowing down for anyone! Well wishes to him and all of his endeavours. He certainly has made a huge impact on not only the fashion industry but to people around the globe.Nigel Barker, Models Of Influence