By Jessica Frost

1.It’s on sale!

Everyone’s favourite excuse I’m sure of it. I mean you’re practically saving money when you buy something that’s on sale (specifically when you actually wear it).

2. It’s Not On Sale But It’s A Great Price anyway

We all love a bargain and how good is it when you find something that is just a great price, no strings attached! Add to cart immediately.

3. It fits like a glove

It’s not always easy to find things that are a perfect fit on your beautifully unique body shape so when you do, you have my permission to buy one in every colour.

4. It’s A Wardrobe staple

A staple wardrobe is one of the world’s hottest trends at the moment so if you’re missing one of those staple pieces to complete it, what are you doing with your life? Buy it now!

5.You actually need it for a practical reason (i.e. work/gym/that party on Friday night)

No explanation necessary. You don’t want it, you need it and you deserve it (P.S treat yo self)

6. You haven’t bought anything new this season

Unless you’re on a crazy strict budget, it’s healthy to update your wardrobe regularly (so says me and probably Jesus). One little dose of new life can reinvent multiple pieces that have been getting a little stale.

7. You need it to work with another item you already have


Whilst it’s not advised to have too many pieces like this in your wardrobe, it does happen occasionally when a particular skirt will only match one specific style of top. When you think about it, investing in the new top really gives you two new pieces because you couldn’t wear that skirt otherwise.


8. It’s having a moment

Typically, I wouldn’t really recommend buying too heavily into trend pieces but when one comes along that you love, it’s a sweet, sweet feeling grammin’ the shit out of it. You really feel like you’re dressing like the cool girls and that little splurge can become an instant mood lifter.

9. You haven’t stopped thinking about it for weeks

When you’ve worn an outfit you saw but didn’t buy in your dream, it’s a sign that you should buy it. It’s a great little trick to wait a bit before buying something you’ve spotted just to make sure you love it enough to really get the wear out of it to be worth it. If it’s been two weeks and you just can’t get it off your mind, make it yours! Dreams do come true.