Each body type can be enhanced with the right dress. Even a small choice, like picking the appropriate style, can make a significant difference between wearing a stunning outfit and feeling uncomfortable in your look.

Factors like shape, length, neckline, and sleeve style are crucial details to consider when selecting the perfect dress to flatter your figure. Materials also play an important role; they can help minimize areas you’d prefer to downplay or highlight features you love.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the perfect dress different heights and body types.

Hourglass Figure

The hourglass is often considered the ideal body type, characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width and a slim waist. To determine if you have this body shape, divide the measurement of the hips—or shoulders, as they are the same—by that of the waist. If the result is equal to or below 0.75, it indicates an hourglass shape.

This type of physique allows for a variety of fashion choices, but to make the most of it, it is best to opt for dresses that accentuate the waist, such as sheath dresses and bustiers.

For example, there are different types of Dolce & Gabbana dresses that can complement this silhouette: from summery floral patterns to fitted designs with simple lines, the choice is really wide.

Apple Body Shape

For apple-shaped bodies, it is recommended to choose dresses that highlight the cleavage and legs. To accentuate these strengths and create a more balanced look, opt for dresses with a plunging neckline and a straight cut, or those with an empire waist and knee-length. Tunic styles and empire dresses made from soft, flowing fabrics, preferably in dark colors and without excessive embellishments, are ideal.

Pear Body Shape

Also called “triangle,” this body shape is characterized by narrow shoulders, small breasts, and wide hips. Women with this body type should add volume to the upper part to balance it with the lower part.

Dresses with embellished bodices are a great choice, as they can be enhanced with ruffles, lace, bows, and ribbons. Puff sleeves are also a good option since they help add volume to the shoulders. To create even more balance, it is preferable to choose two-tone dresses, with lighter colors on top and darker colors on the bottom.

Inverted Triangle

This body type often characterizes women who engage in sports, featuring broad, muscular shoulders, a flat stomach, and narrow hips. The waist is typically not very pronounced. To balance the proportions and highlight the toned upper body, it is preferable to choose dresses with thin straps or halter necklines, paired with maxi skirts


Women with a rectangular physique typically have shoulders and hips of the same width and a less pronounced waist.

To best enhance this silhouette, it is advisable to choose clothes that add volume to the figure. Therefore, dresses with elaborate bodices, puffed sleeves and wide skirts are preferred, as well as fabrics with rich decorations.