By Michael Murchie


We all love the quirky, ethereal, elven beauties that agencies seem to be scouting all over the globe but there is still a place for the classic face. Looking like she just stepped off the set of a black and white Hollywood blockbuster Emma Kent’s natural grace and beauty stops you in your tracks. With a perfectly placed beauty spot, sultry eyes and jawline to-die-for Emma does not walk – she floats!

Emma started modelling at 13 after taking deportment and etiquette classes, but finished high school before pursuing it seriously as a career. After being scouted by Gold Coast photographer Katriena Emmanuel she was signed within 24 hours to Busy Models (mother agency to the likes of Codie Young). Emma moved quickly from development to main board.

She is a mass of contradictions, a sweet girl, looking like a Hollywood goddess this 19 year old, vegetarian beauty is also into the heaviest of heavy metal music and is equally at home in the mosh pit or sitting by herself in her bedroom drawing. Em is also quite a vocalist. There is no end to this girl.

With a look somewhere between young Audrey and a young Ms Taylor Emma has also found a home on the film set. I was lucky enough to catch her for a chat between filming days on the Gold Coast last week.Emma Kent

Emma, I know you can’t talk about the movie you are filming right now but can you tell me… is it AMAZING on set?

It really is! Everything is so fast-paced and hectic, I’m having the time of my life.

What’s your favourite thing about modelling?

Meeting other creative people, and just being involved in the making of art.

Where would you most like to be working – New York or Milan?

Milan for modelling but New York for all the incredible acting opportunities.

I know you are off to the “Soundwave” music festival this weekend – There are always scouts at these things. I’ll bet you $50 someone hands you an agency business card

Hahaha! If someone still thinks I have modelling potential after coming out of the mosh pit then I’ll be extremely flattered.

I have shot with Emma a lot in the last 8 months and she nails it every time. Her acting ability, amazing vocal skills and killer looks all add up to S-U-C-C-E-S-S…..Look out world – Emma Kent is coming!


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