Custom t-shirts are a fun way to elevate your wardrobe. You can use them to experiment with your style because you can put any design you want on them, they come in different styles and cuts, and they’re affordable.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about elevating your wardrobe with custom t-shirts, so let’s keep reading.

Showcase Original Artwork

One of the best ways to elevate your t-shirts is to use original art. That way, you know the artist receives proper credit for their work and no one else will have the same design. You can use art that you create or commission an online artist to make it for you.

The best part of using original work is that you can tailor the design to your style preferences. For example, you can choose the art’s themes and colors. You can make anything you want, so the possibilities for your shirt are endless.

It’s also fun to see your original works in physical form like printed on a t-shirt. You can use different themes, like making fan art for a show you love, or create a design for a band concert.

Choose Colors You Love

Next, when you design a t-shirt, you can choose a color palette that you enjoy. You can pick the fabric color and color scheme of the design. You can use shades that complement the clothes you already have.

For instance, you can choose shirts with neutral colors because they’ll go with anything. A classic printed tee in white, gray, or black looks amazing with anything. Beige, navy blue, brown, and other muted colors also work as neutrals.

If you want to make a bolder fashion statement, use eye-catching colors on the shirt. You should go this route if you want to use the shirt as a focal point on your outfit.

Use Modern Trends

Including trends in the shirt’s design will make you look more fashion-forward. Consider what art style for shirt images is the most popular now. It’s also good to consider what fonts and colors are in style. Even t-shirt cuts can matter.

You don’t want to have only trendy tees, however. It can be difficult to find clothing to wear if it all becomes outdated. So, try balancing out your wardrobe with some basic t-shirts that you can wear daily. These shirts tend to use neutral colors and minimalistic graphics and patterns.

You’ll want to keep updated on fashion trends. If you find something that inspires you, you can have MeowPrint t-shirt printing handle it for you.

Here are a few tips to stay caught up on fashion trends as they evolve:

  • Follow fashion influencers online
  • Check out magazines and fashion websites
  • Create fashion boards on Pinterest
  • Watch fashion content on YouTube
  • Avoid fast fashion to save for timeless items

Balance Your Silhouette With Different Fits

There are different styles of T-shirts to consider. A popular choice is to go with an oversized tee. The bagginess of a large shirt is comfortable and looks good with form-fitting bottoms. For example, you can pair the shirt with leggings or skinny jeans for a classic look.

Tighter tees look better with looser bottoms because it creates a sense of balance. You can pair a form-fitting tee with a flowy maxi skirt or baggy jeans. You should consider what you’ll wear the shirt with as you design it.

Combining form-fitting and loose pieces can balance out your silhouette, making the outfit look complete. So, you’ll want to consider grabbing a few tees in different cuts and sizes. They should fit comfortably, but you’ll want some to be more form-fitting while others are loose and baggier.

Next, you should consider the different cuts that t-shirts can have. There are round-neck, v-neck, and crew-neck shirts. The different cut styles can change how the shirt fits, plus the vibe that it gives off. It can even impact the type of accessories you’ll wear, so it’s important to think about when designing the shirt.

Most importantly, you want to ensure the shirt will fit you right. You should check the online size guides before you start your design on the custom tee’s website. Every custom print website should have one on their order pages.

Pair With Stylish Accessories

Once you have the printed shirt, you’ll want to try wearing it with different accessories and clothing pieces. Baseball caps can be sporty, necklaces dress up the tee, and scarves are comfy and chic. Beanies and t-shirts are another great fashion combo.

You can use accessories to dress the shirt up, making it more stylish and classy. You’ll want to use metal accessories, like gold or silver, to do this. You can also make the shirt more casual and relaxed by choosing accessories that use beads, cords, and other casual materials.

Try wearing the shirt with jeans, unzipped hoodies, flannel, and skirts. You can adapt the rest of your outfit to fit the weather, so you’re always comfortable. Tucking oversized tees into shorts and jeans can also look nice.

Layering your outfit adds more depth to your look, so give it a try.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Don’t limit yourself to only designing the front of the shirt. Many websites will print on the back too. Designing both sides can make your design better, making you look much more fashion-forward.

A large print on the back of a t-shirt can be cool and stylish. You could also use it to put names, quotes, or song lyrics on, depending on the shirt’s main themes.

The fonts you use on the shirt also matter. You might want to make them from scratch to add to the uniqueness of the design. You should consider the Typography of the shirt, meaning the font’s color, size, and placement. It’s best to do the fonts last as a finishing touch.

Overall, the small details in your shirt’s design matter. They can bring the look together, elevating your fashion sense.

Elevate Your Look With Custom Prints

Custom-printed tees are the perfect way to enhance your style, no matter what you like to wear. Whether you like minimalist, classy, or casual outfits, you’re sure to have fun creating a t-shirt just for you.

You can wear them with plenty of accessories, so give custom t-shirts a try!