By Jessica Sepal – The Healthy Life

Does it seem like life just keeps getting busier? I know I’m not alone in this!

And while I work hard to prioritise self care through rest, switching off and a yoga/meditation practise, a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. And while preparing nutritious meals is essential to our overall health, sometimes just getting dinner on the table can seem impossible. I hear you!

That’s why there are a few simple tips and tricks I utilize to make sure that I’m fully prepared for a week of healthy meals and snacks. And the great thing is that these tips don’t have to be delegated to a weekend. Sometimes you just want to spend time with family or relax and can’t be bothered to spend extra time in the kitchen. That’s OK! The beauty is that these tips are just as do-able on a Tuesday, so long as you allot a little extra time.  And I promise it’s worth it, because it’s a life changer. It is key to good health.

These are my 6 top tips to eat healthy all week – without the stress:

1. Hit the market. I try to shop just once a week for any major pantry essentials, though I will make a few mini-trips for fresh produce as needed. I’ve compiled the ultimate shopping list for your fridge and pantry in The Healthy Life.

2. Chop and freeze fresh fruit. For smoothies! I absolutely love my smoothies! They’re a super quick and easy breakfast or snack. Be sure to freeze sliced bananas so that you can make banana ice cream – Don’t forget to fill the ice cube trays, too!

3. Make a batch of healthy snacks. Try raw cookie dough balls, they’re the perfect pick-me-up for the dreaded mid-afternoon slump! They feel like such a decadent treat but are packed with healthy ingredients.

4. Prep salad ingredients. This is a must-do and a total standby for me. I chop carrots, cucumber, celery, fennel and lettuce into glass containers so they’re ready for salads and snacks throughout the week.

5. Make soup. I make a batch of healthy homemade soup to jazz up my lunches and dinners. A batch can last all week, or I’ll freeze portions and heat them up again later.

6. Make extra protein at dinner. I generally make extra fish, chicken, meat or beans to use in the next day’s lunch, which I’ll pack in advance if it’s going to be a busy one.