By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

Here are some super simple nutrition swaps to help you on your health journey:

Swap soda’s (diet soda’s) for sparkling water with lemon and herbals teas

Swap two/three/four coffees/day with one coffee a day before 10am. Be careful with how much milk you add. I recommend a piccolo coffee. Small amounts of cows milk is preferable or swap to nut milk. Enjoy chai tea , green tea and dandelion root tea as an alternative

Swap wheat and gluten to gluten free wholegrain/carbs such as brown rice, quinoa, gluten free oats, sweet potato, pumpkin

Swap your sugar, honey and artificial sweetness to stevia and or cinnamon (low calories/low fructose/ and wont spike blood sugar levels)

Swap carb heavy dishes at night to veggie based dishes e.g.: potato mash to cauliflower mash or white rice to broccoli/cauliflower rice – enjoy sauteed greens instead too

Swap milk chocolate to dark chocolate – 70-85%

Swap non organic dairy to organic dairy

Swap sugar alcoholic cocktails to red wine or vodka/gin with lemon juice and sparking water

Swap non organic meats to organic and grass fed meat

Swap candy/junk foods to a nature made candy such as fresh dates with nut butter, berries or a whole food treat – link to recipes

Swap all vegetable oils to olive oil and or coconut oil in your cooking

Swap packaged foods to whole foods that are fresh and locally sourced where possible

One last tip, make sure you enjoy a high-quality protein at every meal. It really supports weight loss and keeps sugar cravings at bay!