By Jessia Sepel – The Healthy Life

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a vacation, or any other big event, it’s likely you’ll find yourself under more stress than usual. For many of us, all kinds of emotions – be it fear, anger, or even excitement – can lead to complicated relationships with food. Not tapping into those emotions and learning to manage them is the key to taking care of yourself and listening to your body. These are my top tips to ease emotional eating before your big day:

1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be on a diet. Just start accepting what is – the pressure of dieting will be worse for your food/weight battle.

2. Strive for healthy and glowing – not skinny and emaciated.

3. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be your perfect self or look your skinniest, and start appreciating your body NOW for what it is. Your body needs your love and acceptance.

4. Commit to eating a balanced whole food diet – its the only lifestyle that works.

5. Take care of your stress levels ASAP.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep to prevent the exhaustion that often comes with binges or leads to them.

7. Stop restricting. Enjoy a treat every week – choose something you love and crave.

8. Your body is your temple – give it the love it deserves.

9. Worth repeating: you simply have to let go of the diet mentality – it will cause you to binge.